Sister Ying Sighting at the Provo Temple! (A)

Hi again!

I am so excited to say that I was able to see Sister Ying yesterday while she was on her temple walk! Jeremy, Olivia’s boyfriend, had mentioned that missionaries at the MTC go on a walk every Sunday around 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm to the Provo Temple and just hang out there, take pictures, and enjoy the fresh air. I had never even heard about this temple walk, probably because 1) I have never been near the Provo Temple around that time, and 2) the missionaries keep it a “secret”. Since it was raining quite a bit yesterday, I decided that it wouldn’t be a good day to go. However, since I was already driving home in the direction of the MTC and Provo Temple, I decided that a little detour wouldn’t hurt. To my excitement, I realized that as I was driving up the road, the rain had stopped and there were hoards and hoards of missionaries walking from the MTC to the Provo Temple.

Fast forward a bit, and Jeremy and I were now sitting in the parking lot in between the MTC and Provo Temple wondering how on earth we were going to find Sister Ying as we watched the packs of missionaries walking past us. It seemed like a long shot, but we were determined to try. Not sure where to start, Jeremy suggested we just park right in front of the temple and start walking around to look for her. As we started walking, I felt like a new parking spot was needed and that we weren’t in the right place, even though there were other cars parked there. We relocated to a new place, got out of the car, and Sister Ying turned the corner and saw us. Twin connections really do exist!

I look like a bum but Sister Ying looks great!

I look like a bum but Sister Ying looks so beautiful!

Sister Ying said that it has been the longest 4 days of her life in the MTC so far and that she is so tired and has already gotten into trouble for things (we all know how Olivia is…), but she looks happy and excited. Her p-days are on Thursdays, so she can’t write back until then, and she said that they don’t get a p-day the first week in the MTC. But keep on sending those letters to her! She’s getting them and reading them, but just hasn’t been able to write back. I met her companion (they seem to be getting along great so far, which puts my mind at ease) and she said that Sister Ying gets the most mail out of everyone she rooms with. That makes me so ridiculously happy. I’m glad to know that so many people are supporting her and caring about her, so thank you!

Until next time,


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