Chapter II – Miracles and Revelations // 第二篇 – 奇蹟和啓示

Friday, July 19, 2013

So first off, I want to apologize for not emailing anyone last week – I had to get Jeremy to forward a couple emails for me….but I think you will all forgive me once I tell you the story. So last Thursday was P-Day and Sister Sherratt and I were very excited about that. We started our laundry at 6:30 in the morning and went back down to put our clothes in the dryer. Since there are so many missionaries, it was really hard to find any open dryers. But Sister Sherratt and I finally found 2 dryers that were next to each other. I had my scriptures and address book with me and Sister Sherratt had her things with her because we were going to email our friends and families as soon as we started the dryer. Well, we threw all of our stuff in to save those dryers and you can probably guess the rest of the story. I forgot to take my scriptures and address book out and Sister Sherratt ended up dumping our clothes into the dryer and started the cycle. As we walked away, Sister Sherratt thought, “Oh wow, our towels and clothes are so loud.” We got to the computer lab to email everyone and I realized all my things were gone BUT I still didn’t realize I had never taken it out of the dryer (I have the worst memory ever). I assumed I left it in my bedroom. Anyways, after we finished emailing, we went back to the dryers and I found my scripture crayon markers all floating in the dryer. I was super confused until we both realized that my stuff was still in the dryer…..BUT the amazing thing is that those crayons didn’t melt all over our clothes and ruin them. And then we realized that we possibly could’ve started a fire because of the scriptures and my leather bookmarks and burned the MTC to the ground. The only things that were ruined were the address book and one crayon…the purple one, which is my favorite color. I guess I do need some sort of punishment for attempting to burn the word of God as well as the MTC. Anyways, I hope you all had a good laugh from that.

Last Friday, we had something called In-Field Orientation. They described it as “Disneyland Day” at the MTC. It was pretty cool because we did a lot of different workshops that would help us become better missionaries. But that orientation was more geared towards the missionaries that are actually proselyting and not really for the visitors’ centers missionaries. I still learned a lot though and it’ll definitely be helpful when I do my outbound. Last Saturday was our last class as a whole district because the elders were all leaving for Colorado Springs on Monday. We need to stay an extra week at the MTC for visitors’ center training so it was really sad when our elders left! They’ve all been really great and supportive and I know they will do amazing things in Colorado. On Saturday, we also taught a full lesson at TRC, where volunteers come to the MTC to let the missionaries teach them. Some of them are actually members while some aren’t or are less active, so it’s a little intimidating. But Sister Sherratt and I taught a sweet old couple and I’m pretty sure they were LDS. We had a really amazing and cool experience though. Eric and Nancy both said that they were raised in different religions but neither went to church anymore. Sister Sherratt and I decided to teach them about the restoration of the gospel and more specifically, Joseph Smith. It was so cool because we could feel the Spirit so strongly as we shared our testimonies with the couple. Eric eventually got emotional when we talked about Christ and he said that he always knew that Christ was his Savior. It was such an amazing experience because Sister Sherratt and I didn’t know anything about them at all when we went in to teach them. Instead, we had to rely on the Spirit to work together to teach them this lesson.

Sundays are seriously so busy. Now I know how Dad feels because Sister Sherratt and I are in meetings all day since we were the sister training leaders. But we have passed those responsibilities on to the new sisters that are going to Scottsdale, Arizona. Our branch president said that Sister Sherratt and I did the best orientation for the new missionaries that they have ever seen in the 4 years they have been serving at the MTC. I think they’re just being nice. We also had a really great devotional that night about the Holy Ghost. The speaker talked about how the Spirit feels normal, which is something I really needed to hear. I have been really stressed about how to feel the Spirit that I think it really prevented me from feeling it in the first place. But from that devotional talk that night, I learned that I’m rarely going to get a huge sign from God and have super strong feelings from the Spirit. Instead, they are more like thoughts that will pop into your head, and you may not even realize that it’s the Spirit. Once I learned this, I’ve seen some really amazing things happen.

Since the elders left, there are only 4 sisters (including myself) in the classroom. Our teacher was recently married so naturally the conversation steered towards marriage and eternal companions because we were all girls. A couple of the sisters were getting revelations left and right and I was just like “Uhhhh I don’t know what/how I feel/I still don’t know who I’m marrying for sure.” But it didn’t really matter because Sister Vuki (our teacher) gave us really great advice and basically told us not to worry about it and to just trust in God (which is what I have been doing because I literally have no time to think about my future married life. I barely have time to breathe). Anyways, Sister Vuki felt bad because she felt like she was distracting us because this conversation had nothing to do with our purpose as a missionary. But this truly was an inspired side conversation. Later that night, one of the new sisters asked if she could talk to me and Sister Sherratt. She is going through a really hard time with her family right now and it really shook her faith in eternal families and she was worried about her future husband. Sister Sherratt and I were able to tell her the same things that Sister Vuki had told us just a few hours earlier and it really helped comfort her. It’s so cool to see how the Spirit works because that sister really needed to hear the advice that we passed along from Sister Vuki. Although Sister Sherratt and I have not been getting to bed on time and are seriously sleep deprived, we are benefiting so much from serving our sisters and just listening to them.

One of the new sisters that arrived last week had been having a lot of stomach pains so she has been seeing the doctor a lot. They found out that she had a tumor and they were 90% sure it was cancer. This poor sister is only 19 years old and her father just passed away before she left on a mission. Obviously, all of the sisters were so distraught, scared and heartbroken by this. Sister Sherratt and I went to see them and they were all just bawling. Sister Sherratt and I tried to comfort them and gave them some words of advice. It was so hard, but we told them that they needed to trust in the Lord and exercise their faith more than they ever had before. This group of sisters has been one of the strongest girls I have ever met and they came in with such strong testimonies. They all had really amazing reasons about why they decided to come out and serve a mission. Sister Sherratt and I got down on our knees and prayed with them to ask God to please watch over this sister. Sister Sherratt and I both felt that she would get a miracle, but we didn’t say anything yet. Yesterday, this sister came back from the doctor and told us that it wasn’t cancer. She is getting surgery today to remove the tumor and although she’ll need to stay at the MTC a bit longer, she will not be going home anymore. This was such an amazing and humbling experience for all of us and I know that this has strengthened all of our testimonies. These sisters will be such strong and amazing missionaries and Scottsdale is so lucky to have them.

Through the midst of all this craziness that has been happening, Sister Sherratt and I started our visitors’ center training. We chat online on with people who have questions as well as answer any calls that come in. So far, we have chatted with a couple people but nothing seems too promising yet. But it is amazing how we use the Internet as part of our missionary work because we literally get to teach people in the entire world. It’s pretty scary and intimidating but I’m pretty excited about it still. We also got to go to Temple Square on Wednesday to visit and walk around/take a tour. I’m so excited to get out there! We are going to Temple Square tomorrow afternoon again and I think this time, we will be giving tours and talking to people. I’m so nervous! Oh and we also found out why we were called to Temple Square (and other various visitors’ centers). The Brethren bring your picture up on the screen. They look at it and decide “She needs to go to a visitors’ center.” They skip over you and come back to you once they are done assigning the rest of the missionaries. Then, they decide which visitors’ center to send you because they see the Light of Christ in your smile and a testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in your eyes. I was shocked. I definitely did not see that one coming. I didn’t even know that I had a testimony of the Atonement yet the Brethren can see that I do. How crazy is that? I’m so humbled and touched to have this opportunity to serve at Temple Square.

I have learned so much in this last week and my testimony of the gospel has been strengthened even more. I know that God has a plan for every single one of us and He is aware of everything we are going through. He knows exactly what we need and He knows who needs to hear the gospel. I know that we as missionaries didn’t find an investigator. God already knew that our investigators are ready for the gospel – us missionaries are just lost and we need to rely on the Spirit to get back to the investigators. I know that everything happens for a reason and people have been placed in our lives. Ether 2:24-25 (“For behold, ye shall be as a whale in the midst of the sea; for the mountain waves shall dash upon you. Nevertheless, I will bring you up again out of the depths of the sea; for the winds have gone forth out of my mouth, and also the drains and the floods have I sent forth. And behold, I prepare you against these things; for ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth, and the floods which shall come. Therefore what will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light when ye are swallowed up in the depths of the sea?”) has really helped this week and I was able to share it with a few sisters this week. Although you may not think so, God has prepared you so that you can handle the trial you are currently going through in life. There is a reason why you are going through that specific trial at that specific time. Just put your trust in your Heavenly Father and I know that you will come out even stronger from your difficult times.

I miss you all! Thanks for spoiling me and writing me all the time! Oh yeah, one last thing…I literally had to give a shot to a sister last night. I have never been so scared in my entire life. She gets really bad migraines and needed someone to help her and oh my gosh. I was pale and shaking. That poor girl.

Temple Square Trip

Temple Square Trip

2013 7月 19日,星期五

首先,我想道歉因為上個禮拜都沒有寫電郵給大家。我請忠航幫我把幾個電郵轉發給一些人…. 不過我覺得我跟你們講上個禮拜發生的事情以後,你們就會原諒我。上個禮拜四是我的準備曰,這一天就讓雪瑞特姊妹和我非常高興。我們那一天早上6:30就開始洗衣服。可是,因為MTC的傳教士很多,找一台可以用的烘乾機難得不得了。後來,雪瑞特姊妹跟我終於找到了兩台彼此相鄰的烘乾機。那個時候,我帶著我的經文和地址本,然後雪瑞特姊妹也帶著她的東西,因為我們打算把衣服放在烘乾機裡面以後就馬上去寫電郵給朋友們和家人。所以呢,我們為了佔這兩台機就把我們帶的東西放在烘乾機裡面。你們應該可以猜猜接下來發生的事情。我忘了把我的經文和地址本拿出來,然後雪瑞特姊妹把我們的衣服扔在機理面而開烘乾機。我們開始走的時候,雪瑞特姊妹就說,“哇噻,我們的浴巾跟衣服好吵了。”我們一到電腦室,我就發現到我原來想帶來的東西都不在我身上,可是我還沒發現我沒從烘乾機理拿我的衣服出來(我的記憶真的很差)。我就是以為把我的東西掉在睡房裡面。反正,我們寫完電郵以後就回去洗衣房那裡,然後看到我的經文跟蠟筆轉著在烘乾機裡面。那個時候我很困惑,可是我們終於發現到我帶的東西還在烘乾機裡面。不過,好幸運的事情就是那些蠟筆都沒有融化在衣服上,也沒有把衣服弄髒了。我們也想到我們幾乎不小心地把MTC燒燬了(因為我的經文和地址本在機理)。只有我的地址本跟一支蠟筆被弄壞了(那支蠟筆是紫色的….我最喜歡的顏色)。我覺得這些東西被弄壞了應該的,因為我是這樣想,因為我差一點不小心地起火了而幾乎把神的話(我的經文)和MTC燒掉了,所以我應該受到某種懲罰。反正,我希望我上個禮拜的小故事讓你們大家笑一笑。


每一個禮拜天我們特別忙。我現在可以瞭解到我爸在禮拜天的時候的感覺,因為我跟雪瑞特姊妹是訓練的領袖們所以我們一整天都在參加種種的會議。不過,我們已經把這個責任交給那些要去 亞利桑那 ,史考特斯德的姊妹們。我們的分會會長說從他開始在MTC服務,就是四年以來,我跟雪瑞特姊妹做了他們看到的最好新傳教士的訓練。我覺得他這麼說就是因為他很友善。我們當天也有參加一個很棒的聚會關於聖靈。那個聚會的演講著解釋神的靈就是一種平靜的感覺。這句話真的是我需要聽的。我最近很擔心如何感覺到聖靈,而我覺得因為我擔心太多了所以結果是我不能感到聖靈的影響。可是那一天晚上關於聖靈的演講幫助我知道我不常會看到來自神的大徵兆。我那一天學習到聖靈的影響平常是一個很平靜的感覺。或者說,聖靈會透過我們的思想給我們啓發,然後有時候我們不會發覺到這些好的念頭是來自聖靈的。我一發現到這一點就看到很奇妙的事情發生。

因為我們地區的長老都走了,所以最近只有4個姊妹(包含著我)在我的教室裡面。我們的老師剛結婚了,所以我們在聊天的時候自然的開始講有關婚姻和永恆的伴侶(因為我們都是女孩)。有些姊妹覺得他們得到了啓示,然後我是這樣想,“我現在不知道有甚麼感覺。我也還不知道將來會跟誰結婚。”可是這些事情現在都不太重要。玉琦姊妹(我們的老師)告訴我們很多很好的意見,然後她基本上也告訴我們不要擔心婚姻的事情而我們應該信賴神和祂為我們準備的計畫(我最近是這麼做了,因為最近我跟本都沒有時間想一想關於我未來的婚姻生活)。反正,玉琦姊妹 感到很不好意思因為她覺得她跟我們講的事情跟我們傳教士的目的無關而這些事情讓我們分心了。可是她跟我們說的事情真的是因為她受到了靈感。那一天晚上,一個新來的姊妹問我和雪瑞特姊妹可不可以跟我們講一下。她家理最近發生了很多事。然後,因為她的家庭最近碰到很多困難,所以她對永恆的家庭沒有很多信心,而她也很擔心她未來的丈夫。雪瑞特姊妹跟我告訴她關於玉琦姊妹幾個小時前跟我們分享的事情,然後這些事情幫助她感到安慰。對我來說,發現到聖靈在引領我們真的很了不起,因為這位姊妹真的需要聽我們從玉琦姊妹所轉告的意見。雖然雪瑞特姊妹和我最近幾乎每天熬夜了和睡眠不多,但是我們是因為服務我們的姊妹們和幫助她們克服自己的問題,而受到好多祝福了。


雖然我跟雪瑞特姊妹最近忙著做很多事情,但是我們還開始做我們的訪客中心訓練。我們上網在mormon.org跟人家聊天,回答他們對教會的問題,而且我們有時候也會用電話跟他們講話。從我們開始以來跟幾個人聊天可是他們好像沒有很多對教會的興趣。不過,我覺得用網絡來傳福音真的很了不起,因為我們能教導全世界的人。做這個訪客中心的訓練還是讓我有點緊張,不過每一次做我很興奮。我上個禮拜三也有機會去聖殿廣場,我們在那裡走來走去和參加旅遊團。我非常期待去那裡傳教!我們明天下午要再去,然後我覺得我明天會做個旅遊和跟人家分享福音。我很緊張!對了,我們也發現到我們姊妹為甚麼被召喚去聖殿廣場傳教(或者其他的教會訪客中心)。我們教會的領袖們在一個屏幕上會看到我們申請傳教的人的照片,然後他們會決定說,“她需要去一個訪客中心。”他們把其他傳教士的召喚分配完以後就會回去看那些應該去訪客中心的姊妹們,然後她們會決定派那些姊妹們到哪個教會的訪客中心。他們選擇這些姊妹去訪客中心的原因是因為他們可以看得到耶穌基督的光在我們的外表,而且也可以看得到我們對耶穌基督贖罪的見證在我們的眼睛理。聽到這一點就讓我很感動。我沒意會到就是這樣子。我也不知道我對耶穌基督的贖罪有個見證,不過教會的使徒可以看得到。真的不可思議的。我是因為去聖殿廣場傳教感到謙卑,再說我非常感動有這個機會在那裡服務。我上個禮拜學習到很多新的知識,並且我對福音的見證變得更大了。我知道神為我們每一個人預備了特定的計劃,再說祂知道我們所做的每一件事情。祂十分的了解我們每一個人的需求,而且祂知道誰準備好聽福音。我知道不是我們傳教士找到慕道友,而是神讓那些準備好聽福音的人找到我們。我們傳教士都靠著聖靈來找慕道友,要不然的話,我們就迷路了。我知道發生的每一件事情都是因為特定的原因。我知道神也會把特定的人放在我們生活中。在摩爾門徑的以帖書2:24-25說,  “  因為​看​啊,​你​將​如​海中​的​鯨,​將​有​如​山​的​巨浪​衝撞​你。​然而,​我​仍會​把​你​從​海底​再​帶上​來;​因為​​​出自​我​口,​​和​洪水​也​由​我​發出。看啊,​我​使​你​預備好​面對​這些​事;​除非​我​使​你​預備好​面對​海上​的​狂風​巨浪,​以及​將​要​來到​的​洪水,​否則​你​就​無法​渡​此​大海。​所以​你​要​我​怎樣​為​你​準備,​使​你​被​吞​入​海底​時​仍有​光​呢?”這段經文上個禮拜幫助我很多,而且我也有機會跟幾個姊妹分享這節來幫助她們。雖然你或許不相信,但是我知道神預備了方法使我們能克服我們所生活中面臨的考驗。我們碰到的挑戰都有特定原因和都是在特定的時間。我知道我們若對我們天上的父有信心我們一定能夠克服我們所遇到的考驗,並且我們會變得更堅強。

我非常想念你們大家!感謝你們常常寵壞我而寫很多信寄給我!對了,最後一件事是我上個禮拜幫一個姊妹給她打針。我從來沒有做這樣的事情,我那個時候非常害怕。她的頭有時候感到非常痛,所以我得給她幫忙。 她真是個可憐的女孩!


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