Chapter III – Hello from Salt Lake City Temple Square! // 第三篇 – 來自鹽湖城聖殿廣塲的問候!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hi everyone, I’m in Salt Lake City now! We got here yesterday and today is my P-Day. For the next 6 weeks, my P-Day will always be Wednesday, which is when I get to email and write letters. Oh and I get 2 hours instead of just 1 hour now, so I have a little more time to email everyone!

On Saturday, we actually had the chance to come up to Temple Square for a few hours to see what it’s like to serve in Temple Square. We were all assigned to new companions that are currently serving here. My companion was Sister Imangazi, and she is from Kazakhstan. How crazy is that!? I had no idea where that was until she showed a map to me. Oh and she speaks a TON of languages. She speaks Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, some Korean and more that I can’t even remember. We did a Russian tour (I obviously didn’t understand a single thing they were talking about) around the Square and it was really cool to meet people from literally all around the world. Oh and guess who I saw at Temple Square on Saturday? Kimchi! I didn’t get a chance to talk to him a lot because we were in the middle of our tour, but we did say hi to each other.

On Sunday, we had a fireside and the speaker talked about the pioneers because it was Pioneer Day this week. I love hearing stories about the pioneers – they’re always so inspiring and the amount of faith that they had always blows me away. We also watched a talk by Elder Bednard and he talked about the character of Christ. It was a really inspiring talk and he basically told us that we need to serve and love others. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own problems but we need to be more selfless and more like Christ. He also talked about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ gives us the strength that we need. There are many things in life that we cannot do alone and we need to rely and trust in Him because we really are weak without Him. This talk made me think about the different trials that I have faced in my life and I feel like so many things are clicking for me now. The trials I went through have only made me a stronger and better person and they have shaped me into the person I am today. These trials have caused my faith in Christ to be strengthened so much more and I am fully aware that I need to put my trust in Him whenever I feel like I’m going through something that I can’t handle.

Monday was spent packing everything up for Salt Lake and cleaning up our room. We also got to chat with people online to answer their questions. Sometimes, it is seriously SO hard to talk to these people! The majority of people that Sister Sherratt and I talked to online are mostly just trolling us and it gets really frustrating because they’re really not serious about learning about the gospel. Or we get some really rude people sometimes. Those are always fun. But still, I love chatting with people online because it is such a cool way to proselyte.

Anyways, at 6 in the morning yesterday, all of the Temple Square sisters piled into the bus and drove up to Salt Lake City. When we were walking over to Temple Square, I ran into Justin, Jeremy’s brother! He works right across the Square so I was wondering when I was gonna see him. It was nice to see a familiar face before I walked into Temple Square because I was feeling pretty nervous and anxious. We met our mission president and his wife and took care of some administrative stuff. Then we got to go to the Church History Museum, right across from Temple Square. Although I’ve been to Temple Square a lot before my mission, I’ve never actually gone to the museum. The museum was filled with a ton of cool stuff, but my favorite was the Prophets Exhibit. They had a little bit of history on every single prophet of the Church as well as some personal items, like a horse saddle and outfits. They even had some original letters written by the prophets themselves, all the way back to Joseph Smith. So cool!

After the museum, we went back to Temple Square and we were assigned our new companions. They went alphabetically so I was in the bottom 2. They had me and the last MTC sister close our eyes and turn around. Then they did the same with the last 2 Temple Square sisters. The suspense was killing me. But my companion is Sister Cheng and she is from Hong Kong! Cantonese is her native language but she can speak Mandarin too so we sometimes speak in Chinese. We are also on the list to do Mandarin tours because a TON of buses come with 30+ Chinese people to the Square and they need a lot of Mandarin-speaking missionaries to take them around. After we were paired up with our companions, we got to go to Walmart to do some grocery shopping! Seriously the best day of my life. I’ve been dying to go grocery shopping so that I can eat what I actually want to eat. The remainder of the night was spent cleaning up our new place and unpacking everything.

Today is Pioneer Day so we got to watch the Pioneer Parade that went through downtown Salt Lake City! I realized that this was the first parade that I have ever been to and it was so much fun! The coolest thing is President Uchtdorf was in the parade and he waved to all of us sister missionaries! When the parade was over, we saw Elder Perry in the crowd and we all went up to say hi and to take some pictures. He’s SUPER tall. Some missionaries also saw Elder Anderson but I didn’t find him. But how cool is that!? After the parade, Sister Cheng and I walked around the Square for a little bit. A man asked us if he could have 10 Book of Mormons (BOMs) in Chinese because everyone in the tour group was really interested in reading it. How awesome is that!? We were only able to find 7 BOMs but we gave them some pass-along cards with the church website on it. We then walked over to City Creek for some lunch and since it was P-Day, we got to walk around and do some shopping. Well, more like window shopping. We have P-Day for the rest of the entire day so we will probably just go home and write some letters and cook dinner.

I don’t have a scripture for this week, but I do have a fortune that I got today….it says “The world will soon be ready to receive your talents.” This is one of the rare times where I felt like a fortune actually fit my life! Temple Square has people from literally all over the world and hopefully I have some talents that I can use to bless other people’s lives. The craziest thing about this fortune is that Jeremy received the same exact fortune from Panda Express in Provo today. I got my fortune cookie from a different Chinese fast food place (can’t remember the name but definitely not Panda Express) at City Creek… weird.

I miss you all and I hope you are all doing! My new Salt Lake City address will be added to the blog so please write me! 🙂

Love, Sister Ying

4th of July with Temple Square sisters. L to R: Me, Sister Sherratt (Diamond Bar, CA), Sister Cuevas (Chicago, IL), Sister Park (Arizona), Sister Snow (Utah/Texas), Sister Pien (Canada) and Sister Esquivel (Georgia)

4th of July with Temple Square sisters. L to R: Me, Sister Sherratt (Diamond Bar, CA), Sister Cuevas (Chicago, IL), Sister Park (Arizona), Sister Snow (Utah/Texas), Sister Pien (Canada) and Sister Esquivel (Georgia)

Sister De Castro and Sister Yang (Elder So's girlfriend) and I at the parade

Sister de Castro and Sister Yang (Elder So’s girlfriend) and I at the parade

I indirectly got a picture with Elder Perry!!!!!!!!!!!

I indirectly got a picture with Elder Perry!!!!!!!!!!!

2013年 7月 24日,星期三






因為今天是先驅者節日,所以我們去鹽湖城市區看那個先驅者的遊行。我剛發現到今天是我第一次去看一個遊行,我覺得那個先驅者的遊行很好玩!對我來說,最酷的部份就是看 鄔希鐸會長向我們姊妹們揮手。那個先驅者的遊行結束以後,我們也在人海中看到佩里長老。我們去跟他打招呼和跟他拍照。他非常高。有些傳教士說他們也看到安德森長老,可是我今天找不到他了。不過,能看到這些人真的是不可思議!我跟程姊妹離開那個遊行的地方以後,我們就去聖殿廣場那裡走一走。我們在散步的時候,我們碰到一位先生,這位先生問我們可不可以拿10本中文的摩爾門經。他要這麼多本是因為他的旅遊團都對讀摩爾門經很有興趣。真的很了不起!我們那個時候只能找到7本摩爾門經,不過我們也把幾張寫著我們教會網站的傳單拿給他們。之後我們就去河濱城商塲(旁邊的購物中心)那裡吃午餐。因為這一天是我們的準備日,所以我們可以在那裡去買東西。其實,我們就是去逛街而已。今天的其餘時間還是我們的準備日,所以我們寫完電郵以後就打算回家煮晚餐和在家裡寫信。


我想念你們大家!我希望你們都還好!我新的鹽湖城的地址附在我的博客上面了。請你們寫信寄給我! 🙂



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