Chapter V – 1 Month Mark! // 第五篇 – 第一個月的關口!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
So for those of you who are counting down my mission, I hit my 1 month mark on Saturday! Saturday was a special day, not because it was my 1 month mark, but because our mission president arranged a Girls Camp day for us! We got to go up to the mountains and do some fun outdoor activities. For the first time in my life, I went ziplining! SO COOL. I LOVE Utah. It’s seriously gorgeous out here and it’s a nice change from the ocean. But I do miss the OC weather…it’s so hot and dry out here! Although ziplining was really fun, my favorite activity was Lifeline. They blindfolded us, led us to a little maze and told us to hold onto the rope. Someone will greet us at the very end to let us know that we were done. So basically, I had to maneuver my way around the forest (definitely ran into some trees a few times) while holding onto the rope, trying to reach the end of the maze. When I finally reached the end, my mission president grabbed me and told me that this was the end (I was still blindfolded). It was such a relief to hear his voice! This activity was to remind us that during our lives, we will face a lot of trials. However, if we stick to the gospel of Jesus Christ and keep the commandments, we will be rewarded. We will eventually reach the end of our journey and be able to return to our Heavenly Father again.
I haven’t been at Temple Square for very long yet, but I’m quickly realizing that this is a very tough mission. Many people come to the Square and do not understand that we are full-time missionaries. They think of this as a business and we are the employees. We’ve gotten our fair share of rude visitors (one lady got upset and stormed away from the tour when we said she couldn’t go into the temple, a girl told me my Chinese sucks, a kid threw an airplane at us, the list goes on and on…) and all we can do is grin and bear it. But sometimes it is so hard to have a missionary mindset when you are trying to meet all of the visitors’ needs and wants. I have a hard time feeling and teaching with the Spirit when huge groups of Chinese people come with only 30 minutes to spare. We can’t teach everything all at once and they always have so many questions. And it’s so difficult to distinguish an individual’s needs when we’re in such a huge group. Despite all these difficulties, my favorite tour groups are the youth who come to Temple Square for Youth Conference. Some of them totally don’t want to be here and some of them are so excited about everything. But I just feel so much love for them when I meet them because I know how much potential they have and because I’ve been in their shoes before. It’s really cool when some of the girls have already decided they want to serve a mission and they look to us as their examples.
My time is running out but I wanted to share a scripture for this week: Alma 7:23-24 (“And now I would that ye should be humble, and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive. And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works”). Sometimes, it is so hard to be patient and love everyone (visitors and other sisters) at Temple Square. But these verses remind me that I am not perfect but these Christ-like qualities are something that I need to strive to be. It’s not always easy but I know that if we pray sincerely for love and patience, that Heavenly Father will help you achieve these traits. In Relief Society, we talked about feeling inadequate in our callings and I have definitely felt that since I’ve been here. But we as missionaries cannot fail because we are doing the Lord’s work. Even though we don’t feel like we are good enough, we need to remember that our Heavenly Father trusts us enough to let us be representatives of Christ. He knows our potential before we realize our own.
I miss you all so much! Please send me some lovely handwritten letters 🙂 Oh and for my Christian roommates, would you mind burning me some Christian acoustic CDs? That would be awesome! I love you all!
Love, Sister Olivia Ying


With my cousin Sister Pien

With my cousin Sister Pien

2013年 8月 7日,星期三

對於那些在替我傳教倒數計時的人,我要告訴你們,我在上週六通過了我第一個月的關口!上個星期六很特別,不是因為那天是我第一個月的關口,而是因為我們的傳道部會長為我們安排了一個女孩陣營。我們到山區那裡去做很好玩的戶外活動。上個禮拜六是我生活中第一次去滑繩索 !真是太好玩了!我超喜歡猶他州!這裡真的非常美麗,而且也是對於習慣海洋的我,有些不錯的變化。不過我還是想念橙縣的天氣。在這兒的氣候又熱又乾!雖然滑繩索很好玩,但是我最喜歡的活動就是生命線。 他們蒙住我們的眼睛,然後帶我們到一個小的迷宮。在那裡他們告訴我們握住繩子,而且到最後會有一個人迎接我們和讓我們知道我們走完了。基本上,我在樹林裡一直拿著繩子走來走去(我撞到幾棵樹了!),我儘量到達迷宮的終點。當我終於到達終點的時候,我的傳道部會長抓到我了,然後他跟我說我走完了(我的眼睛還是被矇住了)。聽到他的聲音後,我放心多了!這個活動的目的就是提醒我們在生活中會面臨種種的考驗。不過我們若保持對耶穌基督福音的信心和遵守誡命,那麼我們就會得到祝福。我們大家終於都會到達我們生活的旅程終點,而我們都能夠回到我們的天父那裡再跟祂同住。

我雖然在聖殿廣場傳教不久,可是最近發現到這裡真的是一個很難的傳道部。很多人來這兒,而他們不了解我們姊妹是全時間的傳教士。他們覺得這個傳道部就是一個企業,並且我們姊妹只是這個企業的雇員而已。我們碰到不少粗魯的遊客(我們跟一個女人說她不能進去聖殿,然後她非常生氣而跑走了。一個中國的女孩告訴我我的中文很爛。一個小孩朝著我們扔了一個紙飛機,等等。) 我們只能微笑和耐心地忍受這樣的情況。有時後我覺得滿足遊客的需求非常困難,而且在這樣的情況下,保持傳教士的態度也是不容易。在三十分鐘之內,感覺到聖靈和用祂來教導中國遊客的大團體是一個很大的困難。他們都有很多的問題,可是我們不能在這麼短的時間內,教導他們關於教會的每一件事情。而且在帶遊客的團體參觀的時候,辨別人家個人的需求不簡單。在另一方面,我最喜歡的遊客團體就是那些來聖殿廣場的男女青少年。有的完全不開心來到這裡,有的非常快樂。我跟這些年輕人見面的時候,每一次都對他們感覺到很多的愛。我可以感覺到也知道他們都很有潛能,因為我以前也是和他們一樣。聽到這些女孩說她們已經決定將來想要去傳教,而我們這些傳教士姊妹就是她們的榜樣,這真令我很驚訝。


我非常想念你們大家! 請寄給我一些可愛的手寫信件 🙂 對了,我以前的基督徒室友,你們可不可以寄給我基督教音樂的CD?你們可以的話,就會太好了!我愛你們大家!



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