Chapter VI – My First English Referral! // 第六篇 – 我第一個英文的回條!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hi everyone! So things have definitely been picking up this past week. I’ve been struggling with a few different things when I got out here but things are getting much better. The first great news is…full PDays!! President Gillette decided to give us full PDays for the rest of the month because he thought we needed the extra rest. We have been asked by the First Presidency to open the Square an hour earlier than normal and everyone has been working really hard to accommodate all the visitors that come. Normally, our PDays don’t start until 1:00 pm (which is also the earliest we could eat lunch) but now we are allowed to sleep in once a week! What a huge blessing! I know my body could definitely use a couple hours of rest but the ironic thing is that I was up at 5:45 this morning, which is almost an hour earlier than when I usually wake up. Instead of sleeping in, Sister Cheng, Sister Nakaima, Sister Takita and I actually went to the temple today! It was my first time going through the SLC Temple and it was amazing! It was only my second time going through the temple so I was still kinda confused but I was excited to finally go through this temple because I spend all day telling people about the temple yet I had never gone through it before. I felt so humbled to be able to walk into a temple with so much history. The pioneers sacrificed so much to be able to make it to Salt Lake Valley to build this same temple I went through today and I am so grateful for the faith and dedication those early pioneers had. I know that sacrifices brings so many blessings! Speaking of sacrifices bring blessings…

As I mentioned earlier, we woke up even earlier than normal and went to the temple instead of sleeping in. I wasn’t thrilled about sacrificing my extra sleep but I knew that going to the temple was the right thing to do. On my way to the temple, the most amazing thing happened! So as many of you may know….I love cats. And for the first time in over a month, I was finally able to hold and pet one! This cat came out of NOWHERE and it ran up to me and started rubbing against me. Of course I almost cried because I was so happy and I spent a few minutes playing with him. He followed me for a while before he disappeared again. Sooooo the moral of this story: sacrifices = blessings! And I really love cats.

Anyways, this week has been filled with blessings and miracles! First, I passed off giving tours in English, which means I can now officially take people around Temple Square. My next goal is passing off in Mandarin, but that’s gonna take a while. Second, I passed off driving! Now I can take a mission vehicle out for 3 hours during PDay and one of my first stops will be Kitty City to play with all the cats at the animal shelter in Salt Lake :> Next, one of the people that came on chat to ask questions about our beliefs started taking lessons from her local missionaries! She texted me and Sister Cheng to tell us that she was moving to Utah for college this week and that she would like a tour of Temple Square. Such exciting news! The last bit of exciting news is I got my first English-speaking referral and passed out my first English Book of Mormon yesterday! It’s pretty easy to get referrals from the Chinese people because they have absolutely no idea what religion even is. As I’ve been taking a few English tours this past week, I’ve noticed that most of them are already established in their own religion and are simply here to hear the history of Temple Square. But I met a young man yesterday who was already a very strong Christian. However, he was interested to learn about the Mormon faith. Sister Nakaima (we went on exchanges) and I had a really good discussion about the differences between our church and his, and just some basic doctrine of our church. He ended up being really interested and he wants us to call and teach him. What a miracle! I am soooo excited for this golden opportunity and our goal is for him to be baptized before Sister Nakaima goes home to Japan.

I have also been thinking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ a lot this week. We had a discussion about this during our district meeting and the Atonement has been on my mind a lot. I feel like I never fully understood what the Atonement meant (and I still don’t completely understand it) but I have realized even more that our Heavenly Father truly does have a plan for each and everyone of us and that things (whether good or bad) really do happen for a reason. We have trials in our lives because that is an opportunity for us to grow closer to our Savior and utilize the Atonement. I also thought about how we tend to miss the miracles in our lives because we are so focused on different things or we are looking for a different answer that we want. I came across Alma 10:5-6 (“Nevertheless, after all this, I never have known much of the ways of the Lord, and his mysteries and marvelous power. I said I never had known much of these things; but behold, I mistake, for I have seen much of his mysteries and his marvelous power; yea, even in the preservation of the lives of this people. Nevertheless, I did harden my heart, for I was called many times and I would not hear; therefore I knew concerning these things, yet I would not know; therefore I went on rebelling against God, in the wickedness of my heart, even until the fourth day of this seventh month, which is in the tenth year of the reign of the judges”) during my personal study and it made me think about the blessings and miracles that I have in my life. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but sometimes I tend to not appreciate the little things in life and take things for granted. Just remember that there are miracles in our lives every single day, no matter how little or small they are! We should constantly strive to be Christ-like and recognize those miracles.

Alright guys, my time is up but I miss and love you all so much! I love getting emails/letters from home (hint hint) but my mailbox has been pretty empty these days ;> You guys have no idea how much these letters from home mean and they truly do help me while I’m out here! Okay, bye guys!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

We passed the English tour test!

We passed the English tour test!

Celebrating with Sister Sherratt

Celebrating with Sister Sherratt

Blessings come as cats

Blessings come as cats

2013年 8月 14日,星期三

大家好!最近我傳教的經驗開始過得更順利。我到這裡以來一直是因為一些不同的挑戰而奮鬥,可是最近事情都變更好了。好消息就是準備日變成了整個星期三! 因為吉列會長覺得我們姊妹需要多休息,所以他決定讓我們在這個月剩下的準備曰改變成整天可以休息。教會總會會長團要求我們在聖殿廣場提早一個小時開門。我們最近更加勤奮地工作來應付過來的遊客。平常的準備日就是在下午一點開始的(這個時候也是我們最早可以吃午餐的),可是現在我們可以每一個禮拜一次多睡一點覺!真是一個很大的祝福!我知道我的身體應該可以用睡眠的補充,可是諷刺的事情就是我今天早上五點四十五分種起床了。這是比我平常起床的時間還早一個小時。既然我們今天沒有睡懶覺,所以我跟程姊妹,拿克瑪姊妹,和塔科塔姊妹一起去聖殿!今天是我第一次去鹽湖城的聖殿!真是太美好了!今天也是我第二次機會去聖殿,所以我還是很困惑,不過我很開心終於進去這裡的聖殿因為我每天都會跟人家分享聖殿的祝福。在這個很有歷史的聖殿裡面走一走真的讓我很感動。為了來到鹽湖城山谷在這裡蓋我今天進去的聖殿,我們教會的先驅者犧牲許多。我非常感激那些早期先驅者的信心和決心。我知道犧牲一定會帶來很多祝福!談到犧牲帶來祝福….

按照我剛提到的,為了去聖殿,我們今天沒有睡懶覺,而我們比平常的早晨起床得更早一點。我本來不太開心犧牲額外的睡眠,可是我知道去聖殿是我應該做的。我在去聖殿的時候,有一件很美妙的事情發生了。你們大部份的人都知道….我超喜歡貓!而且在一個月多的時間這就是我第一次抱一隻貓!這隻貓突然出現了,而跑到我的跟前來讓我摸一摸。因為我高高興興地跟它玩一下,所以我當然開心地快哭出來了!。它跟著我走了一段路,然後就不見了。所以呢,這個小故事的目的就是:犧牲 = 祝福!而且我真的非常喜歡貓!

總之,這個星期發生了很多祝福和奇蹟!第一個,我通過帶英文團的資格。這個意思就是我有資格帶人家參觀聖殿廣場。我下個目標是通過普通話的,雖然這麼做可能會有點久,但是值得去做。第二個,我通過開車的資格!我終於可以在準備日的時候,用傳道部的車子三個小時。我第一個想要去的地方就是“貓咪城,”在那個鹽湖城的動物收容所跟它們玩 :> 對了!以前在網上跟我們聊天關於教會的一個人開始跟她當地的傳教士見面和聽福音的課程!她發個短信給我和程姊妹說她這個禮拜要搬到猶他州來上大學,而且她很想來聖殿廣場參觀。這是令我非常期待的消息了!最後一件很好的事情就是我昨天拿到了我的第一個講英文的回條,而且也有我的第一個機會把一本英文的摩爾門經拿給一個人!對我來說,從中國人拿到回條是一件很容易的事情,因為他們完全不知道教會是甚麼。既然我這個星期帶幾個英文的遊客團體參觀,我就發現了他們大部份已經有很穩固的信仰而他們只是來這兒聽聽聖殿廣場的歷史而已。可是我昨天碰到了一位年輕的男青年,而他已經是一個很堅強的基督徒。不過他對學習摩爾門教的信仰有興趣。拿克瑪姊妹和我(我那天換了同伴)跟這位男青年有一個很好的討論關於我們教會和他教會的區別。我們教導了他關於我們教會的基本原則。他後來告訴我們他對學習福音有很大的興趣,而且他真的想要我們之後打電話給他和教導更多。真是個奇蹟!我非常期待把握這個美好的機會。我們的目標就是在拿克瑪姊妹回去日本前,幫助他接受洗禮。





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