Chapter VIII – Last Week of My First Transfer! // 第八篇 - 第一個搬家期的最後一週!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hi everyone! So this is my last week of my very first transfer (each transfer lasts for 6 weeks) and I’m excited but nervous for all the new changes coming up. On Monday, we had a mission meeting, where President Gillette announced 28 sisters who are going outbound. Outbound is when the Temple Square missionaries are reassigned to a different state in the United States (you can actually get sent to different cities in Utah though) for about 2-3 transfers. Some of the sisters knew they were already going outbound while some were completely shocked. They don’t know where they’re going yet, but we will all find out on Sunday and then they’re off to their new mission on Tuesday! How crazy is that!? I’ve still got a few transfers to go before I’m sent outbound though!

Anyways, this has been one crazy and busy week. Last Thursday, there was some sort of chemical spill in the South Visitors’ Center here. Sister Cheng and I were actually sitting right outside the maintenance room where the spill happened….we had been studying there for a good hour or so when we noticed a strange smell. We weren’t sure what it was (we thought it was cleaning supplies for the bathroom) but then people started rushing out of the maintenance room and we heard them say “Call security.” Suddenly, the fire alarm went off and someone yelled at us to get out. A couple minutes later, we heard the ambulances and fire trucks coming and we were escorted to talk with security and the medics. All of us had to get checked out by the medics to make sure we were okay since the chemical caused some physical problems. I was feeling pretty lightheaded and dizzy and since I had bronchitis earlier this month, this incident kinda re-triggered my cough. A couple sisters ended up going to the hospital to get checked out but the medic that cleared me said that my lungs were fine and that I should be okay. I felt kinda weird the rest of the day but nothing too serious!

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to hike up Ensign Peak. The history behind this place is pretty cool. When Brigham Young decided to move all the pioneers out west, he didn’t know where exactly he was going. However, he received a revelation from Joseph Smith and was told that there would be a peak that would indicate “the spot.” That peak was Ensign Peak. It was a super hot day when we went on that hike, but it was the same path that the pioneers walked on. When we go to the top of Ensign Peak, the view was amazing! We could see all of Salt Lake City, including Temple Square. But obviously when Brigham Young got there, all he saw was a desert. However, he saw the potential that this place could be. I thought about how often times we don’t see our own potential or the potential other people have. However, just like Brigham Young saw the potential of Salt Lake City and what it could be, our Heavenly Father sees the potential in all of us. At times, we may feel discouraged or feel like we’re not good enough, but just remember that our Father in Heaven believes in us so much and we all have so much potential to be person our Heavenly Father knows we can be.

On one particular day this week, Sister Cheng and I were hit hardcore by Antis on both chat and over the phone. I’ve talked with some before, but on that particular day, it really shook me. They said some really horrible and degrading things about the Church and it hurt to hear someone speak so harshly about something that I love so much and have been blessed by. But when I hung up the phone, a scripture came into my mind that I had just read a few hours earlier during my personal study. It was Matthew 10:22 “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” After that call, I read that verse again and felt so much more comforted. As missionaries, we serve as representatives of Jesus Christ Himself, and we invite everyone to come unto Him. However, at times, we will be met with a lot of opposition and it can be really difficult. But I know that all those who are faithful will be greatly blessed. I also thought of Joseph Smith and all of the hardships and persecution he went through and I know that he had a much harder time than me.

Well, my time is almost up again so I need to quickly tell you guys a couple good news. First, one of our investigators that we met on chat has decided she wants to get baptized! Sister Cheng and I could tell she was golden as soon as she came on chat and asked us some questions. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make it to her baptism because it is out of our boundaries. But we’re still so excited! She lives in Utah and plans on coming to Temple Square to meet us. The next good news is my Chinese is improving! I have noticed less people are making fun of my Chinese and people have been telling me that my Chinese is really good for an ABC. One lady from Taiwan told me that I explained everything very clearly and thoroughly, and she was really impressed. But I know it’s not me – it’s the Spirit guiding my thoughts and words to help those who come to the Square draw closer to our Savior.

Have a great week everyone! I love and miss you all so much!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

Sister Pien (my cousin) and I with the medic that cleared me

Sister Pien (my cousin) and I with the medic that cleared me

My district at Ensign Peak - Sister Cheng (Hong Kong), Sister Takita (Orem, UT but left for Tokyo), Sister Nakaima (Japan), me, Sister May (Arizona), Sister Stolp (California), Sister Takahashi (Canada) and Sister Zhang (China)

My district at Ensign Peak – Sister Cheng (Hong Kong), Sister Takita (Orem, UT but left for Tokyo), Sister Nakaima (Japan), me, Sister May (Arizona), Sister Stolp (California), Sister Takahashi (Canada) and Sister Zhang (China)

President Gillette arranged for the sisters to go to the Bountiful Temple this morning!

President Gillette arranged for the sisters to go to the Bountiful Temple this morning!

2013年 8月 28日,星期三









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