Chapter IX – 2nd Transfer! // 第九篇 – 第二個搬家期!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hi everyone! So I’m officially in my second transfer now – 1 down, 11 more to go! Transfers are super crazy here at the Square (I’m sure it’s crazy in other missions as well) but it’s a little more difficult since we need to make sure there are enough sisters still manning the Square! We had almost 30 sisters go outbound this transfer – they were called to Washington, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, San Diego and some other states. One of the sisters is now in Washington D.C., which is where I really want to go! Super jealous. But anyways, Sister Cheng and I are still companions actually and we didn’t even have to move! The only thing that changed is our zone/assignments and our PDays, which is now on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays. But I’m sure by next transfer, they will split us up and we’ll have to move – sisters rarely stay together for more than 2 transfers here at the Square.

This week has flown by because of all this transfer excitement and we also got our new MTC sisters yesterday! I can’t even remember what has happened these past few days. I do remember John Bytheway though. Yup, he came to speak to us! He’s a really well-known Mormon speaker for the youth but he came and talked to us sisters on Tuesday. He focused on the parables found in Luke 15 about the lost sheep, the lost coin and the prodigal son and related these parables to missionary work. Some people do not understand the gospel because of ignorance (the lost sheep). Some have fallen away because of negligence (the lost coin). Finally, some oppose the gospel because of rebellion (the prodigal son) while others because of pride (the prodigal son’s brother). As missionaries, it is our job to find those who do not have the gospel in their lives for whatever reason and bring them back on the right path.

These last few days, I have been studying in the Book of Mormon about the Iron Rod, more specifically in 1 Nephi 8. I love the symbolism that is found in this chapter. There’s too much for me to explain, so I invite you all to read that chapter when you have time! But I do want to share one verse with you – it’s 1 Nephi 8:24 “And it came to pass that I beheld others pressing forward, and they came forth and caught hold of the end of the rod of iron; and they did press forward through the mist of darkness, clinging to the rod of iron, even until they did come forth and partake of the fruit of the tree.” This morning in Relief Society, we talked about Christ-like attributes and how hope is one of those attributes. Sometimes we may be doing all the right things (“clinging to the rod of iron”) but we still sometimes can’t feel God’s love for us or we don’t feel like we’re getting answers to our prayers. But that’s why it’s so important to have hope, despite the difficult trials we may be facing. Our Heavenly Father truly does love us each and every one of us very much and He hears all of our prayers. But sometimes our faith needs to be tested so that we can prove how much hope and trust we have in the Lord. I promise you that as we continue to press forward, we will have a taste of that fruit, otherwise known as God’s love. I think this has been on my mind recently since our investigator that had a baptism date set for this weekend told us she can’t get baptized yet. Long story short, her parents were very upset when she told them she had decided to get baptized and do not support her at all. She has been doing all the right things and keeping up with all the commitments but now she has a trial standing in front of her. But I promised her that as long as she continues to be faithful and exercise trust in the Lord, she will find a way to be baptized without creating tension in her family. Baptism is a commandment from God and there is no commandment that God has given us that we cannot keep and He will always provide a way for us to follow them. I firmly believe that miracles can happen but it all depends on how much faith we have in Him.

Have a great week everyone! I miss and love you all very much! I ran into Angela Evans’ family on the Square last week and it was so great to see them. Sister Cheng and I were actually covering desk duty for some other sisters when Angela’s family found me and we usually are never at that desk. If we didn’t cover the desk that day, we might not have run into each other. Miracles happen every day on the Square, I promise!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

Sister Stolp from Northern California is going to the Spokane, Washington mission!

Sister Stolp from Northern California is going to the Spokane, Washington mission!

Matching with my cousin!

Matching with my cousin!

Don't judge our appearances - we woke up at 5:15 to drop off Sister Felsted at the airport. She went home to Georgia! She is Sister Cheng's mommy/trainer and my grandma!

Don’t judge our appearances – we woke up at 5:15 to drop off Sister Felsted at the airport. She went home to Georgia! She is Sister Cheng’s mommy/trainer and my grandma!

2013年 9月 6日,星期四

大家好!我剛剛開始了我的第二個搬家期…. 一個已經過了,剩下還有十一個!在聖殿廣場每一次過搬家日都會讓我們這些姊妹非常激動,而且在這邊搬家日也是很瘋狂,(我估計每一個傳道部的搬家期都很瘋狂)可是在這裡搬家日的時候我們還需要安排足夠的姊妹在廣場服務。我們這個搬家期幾乎有三十個姊妹要調到新的傳道部去 - 她們被分配去華盛頓州,內華達州,佛羅里達州,賓夕法尼亞州,聖地亞哥,還有其他的州。有一位聖殿廣場姊妹現在在華盛頓特區傳教,那邊就是我非常想去的地方!我很羨慕她!反正,程姊妹和我還是在一起。實際上,我們也沒有搬家了!我們這個搬家期只有一些小小的變化,比如說,我們的地帶,責任,還有我們的準備日改成禮拜四。不過我猜想下個搬家期我跟程姊妹會被分開,而且我估計我們也會需要搬家。在這裡一對同伴團在一起不常會超過兩個搬家期的時間。







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