Chapter X – Miracles This Week! // 第十篇 – 這週發生的奇蹟!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hi everyone! So I don’t have a lot of time (as usual) so this will be a quick little update. So far, I’m having a TON of fun in my new transfer. We have a lot more assignments in this new zone and I feel like we are constantly on the go, which I love. Well my body and feet most definitely hate me at the end of the night, but it’s all good. I just wanted to share some miracles I saw this week.

Sister Cheng and I went on exchanges one day and I was with Sister Tiritilli, from Temecula, CA. She had just come from the MTC so I was hoping to find some English-speaking people for her to contact on the Square. But then a group of Chinese people stopped me and asked me to tell them some basic beliefs about the Church. They told me they only had 5 minutes to spare so, in my broken Chinese, I talked about how we have a living prophet, the Book of Mormon and temples. After 5 minutes, they asked for more information. 3 people ended up filling out referral cards on the spot and took the BOM! They then asked if I could take them on a tour but I suggested they take a tour with someone with better Chinese than me. However, they insisted that I take them around. At this point, I was panicking because Sister Tiritilli only speaks English. As I set out to take them on a tour, I was praying like crazy that a Chinese sister would pass me that I could grab for the tour. We went into the Tabernacle and as I was about to leave, I saw my cousin walk in with her companion. Long story short, she was free to take the tour with me so I felt much more at ease knowing that I had a Chinese-speaking companion with me! She later told me that she hadn’t been planned to go to the Tabernacle but felt prompted to check inside anyways. She was an answer to my prayers for sure! The Chinese people later told me that originally they were only gonna give me 5 minutes to talk to them. But after I talked to them some more, they said they felt more interested to learn and decided they needed to take a tour. So cool! Guess my Chinese isn’t as bad as I thought :> I know I’m getting a lot of help from Heavenly Father though.

The second amazing thing is my roommate from Taiwan met Chris Liu, Guo Mama’s grandson, who my dad baptized a couple years ago. She started telling me about him when we were home and I had just gotten a letter from my dad that day and he wrote about Chris. As Sister Lee, my roommate, started talking about this guy she met on the Square, I felt prompted to ask what his name was. Turns out it was Guo Mama’s grandson! How cool is that!? He’s going to BYU Idaho this fall and is planning on serving a mission next year. SO AMAZING!

Okay my time is up. There’s so much more that I wanna share with you all but I can’t! Oh yeah, the girl I talked about last week has decided to move forward with her baptism, even though her parents still don’t approve. Anyways, I need to go! I love you all!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

I’m the only ABC

2013年 9月 12日,星期四


我和程姊妹有一天換了同伴,所以那天我跟譚姊妹在一起(她來自加州,蒂梅丘拉)。因為她是剛剛從MTC過來的,所以我跟她在一起的時候很想要找一些會講英文的訪客來讓她跟這些人接觸。可是我那天在聖殿廣場的時候,突然間碰到一群中國人,而他們向我打聽關於教會的基本原則。他們告訴我他們只有五分鐘的時間來聽我要跟他們分享的。接下來,我就用我不流利的中文跟他們解釋活著的先知,摩爾門經,和聖殿的意義。過五分鐘之後,他們說他們想要學習更多。他們其中有三位後來把回條卡都填好,而且我也送摩爾門經給他們了!他們也問我可不可以帶他們參觀廣場一下。我跟他們推薦說他們應該跟一個會講中文比我好的姊妹去參觀,不過他們一直堅持我帶他們走一走。那時候我非常緊張,特別是因為那個新來的譚姊妹只會說英文。我帶他們去參觀的前幾分鐘,就熱烈地做禱告來祈求神讓我碰到一個會講中文的姊妹,也求祂讓這樣的姊妹能跟我一起帶這些中國人參觀。長話短說,我帶這群從中國的訪客去的第一個地方就是廣場上的教堂,而我們在離開那座教堂的時候我就看到我的表妹和她的同伴進來。她當時恰好有空跟我一起帶那些來自中國的訪客。能夠有一個會講中文的同伴和我在一起就讓我放心多了!我的表妹後來告訴我她原來沒打算去廣場上的教堂,可是她感覺到靈感,而這靈感就引起她進去教堂檢查一下。她那個時候確實是我祈禱的答案!那些中國人後來告訴我他們本來只想要聽我跟他們解釋教會的事情五分鐘而已。可是我跟他們分享我所相信的之後,他們說我跟他們講的話就使他們對教會感興趣,而且也使他們決定留下來在聖殿廣場參觀。太神奇了!我現在意識到我的中文不是我以前想的那麼不好 :> 我知道我受到來自天父那裡的很多幫助。

第二件很奇妙的事情就是我來自台灣的一個室友接觸到小劉弟兄(郭媽媽的孫子)。我爸爸兩年前幫他受洗了。我和我的室友在家的時候開始聊天關於當天發生的事情,而且那時候我想起我爸爸寄給我的信來了。當天我爸爸提到小劉弟兄最近的消息。李姊妹一開始說明她那天在聖殿廣場認識的人,我就感覺到靈感,而問她那一位叫甚麼名字。後來我發現了那位就是郭媽媽的孫子! 他將在這個秋天的學期,也就是在愛達荷州的楊百翰大學讀書,而且他也打算明年去傳教。 真是不可思議的!





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  1. Love reading this blog. My daughter is serving on Temple Square too. She is the caucasian girl with the orange scarf on the far right.

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