Chapter XI – Best Mission Ever! // 第十一篇 – 世界上最好的傳道部!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hi everyone! I’m having SO much fun out here on my mission! This really is the best mission ever because I get to meet people from literally all around the world. Right now, we are teaching two investigators who live in the United Kingdom! We also have an investigator who is getting baptized on Saturday in Logan, Utah! She is only 18 years old and her parents were really against her being baptized when she first told them. Although they still don’t approve of her decision, she has decided that she will be baptized this Saturday and she’s very excited. Sister Cheng and I are really happy for her because she is so golden and has such a strong testimony! I really admire her because she will be the first member in her family and she will definitely set a great example for her family.

This week, our mission president and his counselor arranged a special family home evening (FHE) for us. As Temple Square missionaries, we aren’t allowed to have lunch or dinner with members in their home but President Seppi (the counselor) arranged for the mission to eat appetizers at a member’s house this week! There were several families that signed up to feed us and we all split into groups of about 20 sisters. It felt SO GOOD to be in a real house for once and eat a real meal! I forgot what a good home cooked meal tastes like. I’m getting pretty sick of my cooking, not gonna lie. Not to mention, we almost never have time to make food anyways. We went to the Shoell’s house and they have 8 children! We only met 3 of their daughters though – Sister Shoell told their sons to stay out of the house while we were over because none of them are married yet. She said we can come back after the mission and date any of her sons though. She’s so funny. Many of their children served missions and one daughter just got back from Winnipeg, Canada. They were such a wonderful and sweet family and we had a great time with them! After we ate some appetizers with them, we drove to their local church and had dinner. Unfortunately, they had Sloppy Joe’s so I didn’t eat much, but they had Cold Stone Ice Cream cater for us! We are definitely so spoiled. We just relaxed at the park and I got to catch up with my MTC companion, Sister Sherratt. We then had a special guest speaker who was a psychologist and does mental health for the missionaries. I learned what personality I am! Brother Hartman, the psychologist, categorized 4 personalities into colors – red, blue, white, and yellow. I scored the highest in blue (20) and then scored 13 in white. I can’t remember what I scored in yellow but I had only 2 red. Here’s how he broke it down:

Red – Arrogant, controlling, gets things done, strong leadership skills, winning is the only thing.
Blue – Emotional, feels guilty/hard on themselves, nurturing, judgmental, very detail-oriented.
White – Kind, hates confrontation, indecisive, gets along with almost everyone/anything.
Yellow – Very optimistic, doesn’t hold grudges, forgets easily, hard to focus.

The bottom line is no personality is perfect but our personalities are gifts from our Heavenly Father. There are pros/cons to each personality and our personality is something we cannot change. However, we can change our character. We can try and incorporate all the pros in these personalities to help us become more Christlike. I’m so lucky to be able to serve with so many sisters from all over the world – I have this wonderful opportunity to learn from each personality I meet to help myself be a better person. But the bottom line comes down to this scripture in Alma 7:23-24 (“And now I would that ye should be humble, and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive. And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works.”

Have a great week everyone! I love and miss you all! By the way, it’s definitely starting to cool down here in Salt Lake. I’m FREEZING already! How will I ever survive the snow here!? But I’m so excited! Oh by the way, General Conference is 15 days away. Sisters are already getting ready, trying to lose weight, and get cute clothes. Except me. I feel like I’m the black sheep of the group but I don’t really mind. Bye!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

Sister Hale (Pinetop, AZ), Sister Sherratt (Diamond Bar, CA/MTC companion), Sister Vargas (Spain) and Sister Snow (Texas/Utah - she's related to Lorenzo Snow!) at FHE!

Sister Hale (Pinetop, AZ), Sister Sherratt (Diamond Bar, CA/MTC companion), Sister Vargas (Spain) and Sister Snow (Texas/Utah – she’s related to Lorenzo Snow!) at FHE!

Sister May (Mesa, AZ) - Alll the Chinese people that come always take pictures with her because she's so blonde. It's pretty funny.

Sister May (Mesa, AZ) – Alll the Chinese people that come always take pictures with her because she’s so blonde. It’s pretty funny.

2013年 9月 19日,星期四


這週我們的傳道部會長和他的諮理為我們這些姊妹們安排了一個很特別的家人家庭晚會。我們這些聖殿廣場的傳教士不能去教友的家跟他們一起吃午飯或晚飯,不過塞皮會長(傳道部會長的諮理)安排的機會使我們姊妹能去一些教友的家和他們一起吃小吃!因為幾個家庭約我們去他們家吃飯,所以我們分成一些不同的小組。每一個小組有二十個姊妹們左右。能去一個教友的家和他們一起吃他們親手做的飯真的讓我感覺到很爽快!我平常吃的東西都是快餐,所以我覺得去他們家吃飯是一件非常特別的事情。不瞞你說,我已經吃厭了我自己做的飯。我們每天都忙得慌,所以我們往往沒有太多的時間做飯。我們去首爾家庭的家,他們有八個孩子!可是我只認識他們的三個女兒。 首爾姊妺告訴我們,因為她所有的兒子都還沒有結婚,所以那天都不可以在家。不過她跟我們說,等我們傳教完以後可以回來和跟她的任何兒子交往。她真的很有幽默感。他們大部分的孩子都已經傳過教,其實他們的一個女兒剛剛從加拿大溫尼伯傳道部回來了。我覺得他們家真的非常友善,而且我跟他們在一起的時候玩得很開心!我們跟他們吃完開胃菜之後,就去他們附近的教堂吃晚飯。可是,不巧的事情就是他們為我們做的晚飯都是肉的,結果是我吃得很少。不過,那天晚上酷聖石送我們這些姊妹冰淇淋!我們真的太慣壞了!我們在教堂旁邊的公園輕輕鬆鬆地休息。我當天也有機會跟我的MTC同伴(雪瑞特姊妹)聊聊天。那天晚上有一個很特別的演講者來向我們做演講。這位就是一個心理學家,而且他專門幫傳教士做心裡健康檢查。我那天晚上就發現了我有甚麼樣的性格!哈特們弟兄(那個心理學家)把四個不同的性格分成顏色-紅色,藍色,白色,和黃色。我得了最多的分數就是藍色(20),還有白色(13)。我現在想不起我黃色的分數來,可是我只得了兩分的紅色。他後來跟我們解釋說每一個顏色的意義:







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