Chapter XII – Be Confident! // 第十二篇 – 要有自信!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

As always, I am running out of time but I’ll try and squeeze in as much as I can in the short amount of time that I have. Our phones were actually down for almost the whole week so we weren’t able to call a lot of our investigators. But luckily, the phones are back up and running now so we have been catching up on all those missed appointments. So I have some pretty exciting news! R, an investigator we met on chat, was baptized on Saturday! This is my very first baptism and it’s Sister Cheng’s as well. R is only a freshman in college here in Utah but she is such a great example of faith. This hasn’t been an easy journey for her since she is now the only member in her family. The second exciting news is that we have another baptism next month in California! We also met K on chat and she told us she has been meeting with missionaries for over a year. However, she was raised Catholic so her parents aren’t happy about her being baptized. When we finally were able to call her yesterday, she told us that she was getting baptized! We really didn’t teach K much but we are so happy that she finally has a baptismal date! R and K are both younger than me and the amount of faith they have amaze me. It’s so cool to see people my age make such a huge commitment and try to follow our Savior’s example.

So I “met” the boy version of me a couple days ago. Well, we met him on chat and then talked to him over the phone. The reason why I said he’s the boy version of me is because he works for state government in child abuse cases. He studied social work in college and is basically my role model! He’s only a few years older than me, too. Anyways, we met C on chat and he agreed to learn more. When I called him, I was SO NERVOUS because I have never taught someone from the very beginning. C doesn’t know much about the Church but he’s from the south and is very familiar with religion although he is not involved in organized religion/doesn’t like organized religion. We taught him the Restoration (he said it was an interesting story) and at the end of the lesson, he asked me if this was the only true church on Earth. I was afraid I would offend him somehow so I told him that this was the original church Christ established Himself. He asked me the same question again but phrased it a bit differently this time. I hesitated a bit because I was so nervous since he had told us he doesn’t like organized religion and I was so afraid of offending him. Finally I told him, “Yes, I believe this is the only true church.” And then he erupted into enthusiasm, which is totally not what I was expecting! He was like, “Well that’s all I wanted to hear, sister!” He went on to tell me how I should just be totally confident and not be afraid of offending him or anyone else because of what I believe in. Whoa. It’s like my investigator is teaching me now. But seriously, I learn every day from my investigators! And I definitely learned a lot from talking to C. At the end of the lesson, Sister Cheng and I decided to just go for it and ask him if he would be baptized. And guess what….HE SAID YES! He has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and wants to see what church is like on Sunday. We haven’t set a date with him yet but he is just so great! I feel so blessed to be able to serve in such a special mission because not only do we get to meet and teach people from all around the world here at the Square, we also get to call and preach the gospel to literally all nations.

Anyways, my time is running out so I need to go! The weather is getting way colder out here and I’m freezing all the time. I’ve already started busting out all my winter clothes but I know it’s gonna get even colder. Anyways, I love you all and miss you all so much! I would share a scripture with you but I can’t think of one right now….but I want to encourage all the members to do missionary work and to fellowship all the investigators/new members in your branch/ward! That friendship and love they feel from you makes such a huge difference and it makes our jobs as missionaries a little easier!

Oh yeah, thanks to Aunt Mimi for sending me pictures and Asian snacks! And thanks to Andrea for sending me an acoustic Christian CD – I love it! And shout out to Piseth because he just wants one.

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

Pictures from the members' house for FHE last week!

Pictures from the members’ house for FHE last week!

Pictures from the members' house for FHE last week!

Sister Shoell – “Oh you are all beautiful!!!”

2013年 9月 26日,星期四








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