Chapter XIII – Rescuing our Brothers and Sisters // 第十三篇 – 救援我們的弟兄和姊妹

Thursday, October 3, 2013

So first off, I just gotta say…..I am freezing in Salt Lake City already! I have no idea what I’m gonna do in the winter. I already broke out my gloves, leg warmers, fleece tights and snow jacket…..and it’s not even snowing yet. Rumor was that it was supposed to snow today but it hasn’t yet.

Anyways, this past week, we have just been preparing for General Conference, which is only 2 days away now! We came up with goals of how many referrals we want to receive this weekend and we have been practicing how to contact members on the Square and ask for referrals. Before my mission, I had only gone to Conference once and Sister Cheng has never been to Conference at all so it’s a little intimidating since we’re such newbies! We have to be on the Square by 7:30 am on Saturday and Sunday but we have 2 days to sleep in after Conference, which will be so great. We won’t even be taking any tours this weekend – we are simply going to ask for referrals from members. There’s a quote that I would like to share with you from this month’s Ensign magazine.

“For Latter-day Saints, the need to rescue our brothers and sisters who have, for one reason or another, strayed from the path of Church activity is of eternal significance…for whatever reason, they have isolated themselves from activity in the Church. And they will almost certainly remain lost unless there awakens in us—the active members of the Church—a desire to rescue and to save. May we reach out to rescue the lost who surround us…may we extend to them the hand that helps and the heart that knows compassion. By doing so, we will bring joy into their hearts, and we will experience the rich satisfaction that comes to us when we help another along the pathway to eternal life.” – President Thomas S. Monson

As missionaries, we are not asking members for referrals because we want to be annoying or get really high numbers to record. We are doing this because we know there is at least one person in your life that you can think of that can benefit from the message of the restored gospel. It doesn’t matter if they’re interested or not. It doesn’t matter if they already have a different religion or don’t believe in God at all. It doesn’t matter if they’ll be offended or get angry. None of that matters! What matters is that as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have made a promise to our Heavenly Father that we are here to help build His kingdom and to bring His children back to Him. As missionaries, we really do need the help of members – we can’t do this work alone. I know that it can be intimidating to open our mouths and share the gospel with our friends. But remember that the Lord will always be on your side, especially if you are doing His work. And if someone you know rejects the gospel, just remember that you at least did your part. But remember this – you’ll never know unless you try! Think about how much the gospel has blessed your life – don’t you want your loved ones to have the same blessings? So, the next time a missionary asks you for help with the work or for referrals, don’t just say “I can’t think of anyone.” Think about the people in your life, whether they are inactive members or nonmembers, and pray to ask Heavenly Father who has been prepared to receive this gospel. And when someone comes in mind, that’s a prompting from our Father in Heaven, and then just go for it!

Alright, I’ll get off my little soapbox now. Last Saturday was the General Relief Society Meeting at the Conference Center and the sisters at Temple Square all got to go! It was really awesome and it was my very first time seeing President Monson in person. The First Presidency was there as well as Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson. When President Monson walked in, you could just feel the Spirit so strongly. I can’t even explain it! But I know without a doubt that he is a prophet called of God to guide and help the members today. The Relief Society presidency all talked about keeping our covenants and promises that we have made with the Lord. They were all great talks and were very inspired! Hopefully some of you got a chance to watch the broadcast.

Lastly, I got to see my mom and sister today! We are allowed to eat with our family once during our mission and my mom already came during my 2nd transfer hahaha. It was really great to see them again but also a little weird. It’s only been 3 months (it’s my 3 month mark today actually!) but 3 months as a missionary feels way longer and it was just strange having them around the Square and hanging out with them for a bit. But it was definitely nice to see my family again! Minus the padre who couldn’t come.

Anyways, have a great week everyone! Make sure you watch General Conference this weekend. Remember to go to Conference with a sincere prayer in your heart. I can promise you that you will receive an answer to that prayer! That’s how I got my answer to come out and serve a mission. I was sitting in the Tabernacle for the April 2013 Saturday morning session and it wasn’t until the very last talk by President Eyring that I got my answer about coming out on a mission. Little did I know, I was coming right back here to Temple Square to serve 🙂 Alright, my time is up but I love and miss you all so much!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

General Relief Society Meeting! Left to right: Sister Jarrett (Hawaii), Sister McQueen (New Zealand), Sister Tiritillii (Temecula, CA), me, Sister Cheng (Hong Kong), and Sister Li (Hong Kong)

General Relief Society Meeting! Left to right: Sister Jarrett (Hawaii), Sister McQueen (New Zealand), Sister Tiritillii (Temecula, CA), me, Sister Cheng (Hong Kong), and Sister Li (Hong Kong)

2013年 10月 3日,星期四



“對後期聖徒而言,去救援因故離開教會這條道路的弟兄姊妹,是一件必要做且具有永恆意義的工作。無論原因為何,他們將自己孤立起來,在教會中變得不活躍。我們這些活躍的教會成員若不喚醒心中的渴望去救援和拯救他們,他們絕大多數勢必會繼續迷失。願我們伸手救援周遭的迷途者:那些年老、鰥寡、患病、失能、較不活躍和沒有遵守誡命的人。願我們都向他們伸出援手,表達愛心。這麼做不但能將喜樂帶進他們的心中,我們也會因為在通往永生的道路上幫助別人而感受極大的滿足。” -多馬‧孟蓀會長


好吧,我會結束跟你們說有關於回條的事情。上個星期六在會議中心就是總會的慈助會大會。我們這些聖殿廣場的全部姊妹都有機會去看!那天就是我第一次親眼見到多馬孟蓀會長。太奇妙了!總會會長團跟荷蘭長老,還有克理斯長老,那天晚上都在出席。當孟蓀會長一進來時,大家都就馬上能很熱烈地感覺到聖靈。 真的是不可思議的!我確實知道他真的是神所召喚的先知,並且我知道他的角色就是帶領和幫助我們這些教會的成員。慈助會的會長團都向我們講說關於遵守我們與神所立下的聖約和承諾的重要性。他們全部做的演講都好棒!而且他們都使我感到很多靈感!我希望你們也有機會能看到這個大會的廣播。


祝你們一週愉快!這個週末要記得看總會大會。也要記得在看總會大會的時候,在心裡要有一種真誠的祈禱。我應許你們這麼做的話,你們就能受到禱告的答案!我是這麼受到應該去傳教的答案。我還是記得我在聖殿廣場上的教堂在看2013年四月份的週六總會大會的時候,就看到那天最後一個演講,也就是艾寧長老所做的演講。在那個時候聽到他所說的話就使我得到我應不應該去傳教的答案。當時我沒想到我會回來聖殿廣場傳教 🙂 好吧,我的時間到了。我非常想念和愛你們大家!



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