Chapter XIV – I Survived General Conference! // 第十四篇 – 我從總會大會幸存下來!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hi everyone!

I have officially survived one of the craziest times of the year here at Temple Square. While some of you were comfortably watching General Conference on your couch at home, us sisters were running around like crazy! The madness started on Friday night, when we had a mission meeting about General Conference. We talked about last General Conference goals – they had planned for 486 baptisms from April 2013 to October 2013 but instead, we actually had 504 baptisms! So the next time someone says that Temple Square missionaries don’t do anything….think again! The meeting ended at around 10 pm (way past our curfew!) and we had to be on the Square by 7:30 the next morning. As you can imagine though, all the sisters were trying to pick out their outfits since there are a ton of photographers out during Conference weekend taking pictures for Church magazines and the newspaper, so we were all up pretty late. We were up by 5:30 am both days since we have 6 sisters in my house and we all needed to get ready. During Conference weekend, we took no tours – we were simply out on the Square to talk with members and to try to get as many referrals as possible so that we can teach more people over the phone. We weren’t allowed to go downstairs/take any breaks except for a 20 minute lunch and a 30 minute dinner. We were able to attend one session (I went to the Sunday afternoon one) but for the rest of the day, we had to be on the Square. My body has never ached so much but I loved it! Oh yeah, cool story about how I KNOW Heavenly Father is aware of us. While I was walking around the Square on Sunday, I had the strongest craving for guacamole randomly. I tried to ignore it since there was no possible way that I would get guacamole that day but when I walked downstairs to grab dinner, they had arranged for Cafe Rio to cater our dinner! So yes, Heavenly Father is watching over all of us ;> Saturday night’s dinner was really good too – they had homemade lasagna (even a vegetarian one!) and everything was so good! I’m not sure who the members were that helped serve us but I am so grateful for their willingness to help serve us sisters when they could have been watching General Conference!

At the end of General Conference, President Seppi, one of our mission president’s counselor, announced that he and his wife got his mission call. They are going to THAILAND in February 2014! Although he still has a few months here, I’m so sad to see him go. He reminds me a lot of my own dad. This is why – President Seppi lectured me about safety/locking our doors/reporting weird people around our apartments/walking home in groups of sisters/etc. for a good 20 minutes or so, and anyone who knows my dad knows that he is always lecturing about something. I also got a bug bite recently and the mission president’s wife told me that I needed to show President Seppi so I did. He was examining it and poking at it in a way similar that my dad would when I showed him my bug bites. President Seppi then told me that I needed to go to the doctor so I went on Tuesday. And the final diagnosis is: infected spider bite! So let me tell you guys, this is not fun. I got bit on the back of my right leg right where it bends when you walk. Anyways, for some reason, this bite got like really hot, swollen and painful. We had a service project earlier that day and I think wearing jeans and moving around a ton really irritated it even more. When I showed the nurses, they kinda all freaked out and told me this was the worst bug bite they had ever seen. So they made me wait for the doctor and after she examined it, I am now on antibiotics. I was also in a wheelchair for the rest of Tuesday because I could no longer walk anymore. The spider bite is still painful and itchy but I’m on meds for the rest of the week, which should help. And Angela Evans brought me anti-itch cream the last time she came so I’ve just been dousing my leg in that stuff.

Anyways things are slowing down at the Square now that Conference is over. We actually got to sleep in on Monday because President Gillette knew we needed to recover from our crazy weekend. On Tuesday, we went to This Is The Place Heritage Park (I think that’s what it’s called…) and helped them decorate their haunted houses. Ironically, we’re not allowed to go to any because it’ll drive the Spirit away but that makes perfect sense. Things are also going really well with our investigators. We have someone in the UK getting baptized on Saturday night! Oh yeah, we also got to meet R at General Conference. We met her on chat and she was baptized about 3 weeks ago. About 2 weeks afters she was baptized, she went to the temple for the first time to do baptisms for the dead! She then came to General Conference and we met her on the Square! We also ended up sitting right behind her at the Sunday afternoon session. How cool is that!?

My time is up now but I wanted to share a quote from Conference that stood out to me a lot. This was a talk given by Elder Nelson: “Remember: sin, even if legalized by man, is still sin in the eyes of God!” I don’t have a lot of time to explain why I really liked this quote but I hope you all enjoyed Conference and were able to watch some, if not all, of the sessions. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called of God and all of these talks by Church leaders were so inspired. I love and miss you all! We find out on Monday who our new companions are and I might miss a PDay because of transfers. But hopefully not! Talk to you soon, bye everyone!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

This is R, my first investigator that was baptized!

This is R, my first investigator that was baptized!

Saturday GC (General Conference) outfit! That's supposed to be the Tree of Life

Saturday GC (General Conference) outfit! That’s supposed to be the Tree of Life

Cafe Rio on Sunday!

Cafe Rio on Sunday!

2013年 10月 10日,星期四


我的確地幸存下來了在這裡聖殿廣場最熱鬧的時刻之一。當你們有些人在一種舒服的環境中看著總會大會,同時我們這些姊妹們一直在匆匆忙忙地跑來跑去!這樣忙碌的情況就是在星期五開始的,那天晚上我們舉行了針對於總會大會的傳道部會議。當天我們談到上個總會大會的目標。我們的傳道部原來定的目標就是在從2013年四月份到2013年十月份的時間內幫486個人接受洗禮,不過我們實際上幫504個人受洗了!所以呢,下次如果有人說到聖殿廣場的傳教士一點都沒有勤奮地工作….這種人肯定需要再想一下!上個禮拜五的那個會議在晚上十點就結束了(超過了我們的宵禁!),再說我們在隔天早上七點半需要到達聖殿廣場。按照你們想像的吧,所有的姊妹們是因為總會大會的時候,有許多來自教會的雜誌和當地的報紙攝影師來拍照,而花了很多時間在挑選她們要穿的衣服上。我們都為了準備總會大會的服裝熬夜了。因為在我住的地方有六個姊妹,所以我們在星期六和星期天,這兩天早上五點半起床了來準備。在總會大會的週末的時候,我們並沒有帶人參觀。我們那個時候的目的就是跟過來的教友聊天,並努力收到我們所能收到的回條。我們這麼做是因為我們真的想要在電話上教導更多人。當時我們不能下樓,也不能休息,我們只可以用二十分鐘來吃午飯,還有三十分鐘的晚飯時間。我們上個週末都有機會參加總會大會其中的一個會議(我參加的就是星期日的午間大會)。除了這個機會之外,我們整天都是在廣場工作的。雖然我全身都感到酸痛的慌,但是我真的非常享受這個總會大會的經驗。對了,我要和你們分享一種讓我確實知道天父的確在眷顧我們的一個小故事。上個星期天我在廣場走一走的時候,突然間非常想吃鰐梨醬(墨西哥式的鰐梨)。因為我那個時候想到了我沒有辦法吃得到這樣的東西,所以我拼命地不理這個感覺。不過我一下樓就馬上發現到我們的傳道部會長安排里約咖啡館(一家墨西哥餐館)來備辦晚餐!總之,天父真的在看顧我們每一個人 ;>  禮拜六的晚餐也是非常好吃的。我們那天晚上吃的是當地的教友自己做的意大利麵(他們也做素食的!),他們做的都好吃極了!雖然我不清楚是哪些教友幫忙為我們準備食物,但是我真的很感激他們這麼樂意地抽出來時間為我們這些姊妹服務!







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