A Day with Sister Ying (A)

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share about the day my mom and I spent with Sister Ying earlier this month on October 3rd. The mission president at Temple Square allows family to visit and take the missionary out to dinner for an hour once an entire mission. How awesome is that?!? Since my mom was coming to Utah for General Conference during the first weekend of October, we all decided that this would be the time to use that one visit and go see Sister Ying. After coordinating with the mission president and Sister Ying, we were given special permission from the mission president to spend more than just one hour with her because we would be visiting on her p-day. In fact, we got about 6 hours with her! You can probably imagine my excitement.

My mom and I met Sister Ying and her companion, Sister Cheng, at the South Visitors’ Center after they were done with their tours; they still give tours for half the day on their p-days. My mom and I were able to get a tour of the South Visitors’ Center underground and see where Sister Ying makes phone calls, chats online with investigators, eats during her breaks, etc. It was so cool! My mom and I met a lot of the other sister missionaries there and everyone was fascinated that Sister Ying and I are twins. Apparently we really look alike!

Once we were done touring the South Visitors’ Center underground, we all went to lunch together at a little Chinese restaurant in Salt Lake City. This was probably the first time ever that Sister Ying actually asked for and craved Chinese food…..I thought she would say Mexican food for sure! It was so much fun having lunch together and visiting with Sister Ying and her companion and just getting to talk to her without feeling rushed or being in a hurry. I know Sister Ying’s only been on her mission for approximately 3 months now, but it seems like so much longer to me! So getting to have lunch with her and just enjoy it like old times was great. And there was so much food. Anyone who knows Sister Ying and me know that we love food. Period. So that was probably the highlight of the day, eating a bunch of food with Sister Ying like we used to before she went on the mission. And there were a bunch of leftovers for Sister Ying and Sister Cheng to take home, too!

After lunch, my mom and I took Sister Ying and Sister Cheng to do some grocery shopping and get them the necessities they needed. Once we were done with that, Sister Ying and Sister Cheng went back to their home to drop off their groceries and the stuff my mom had brought from CA for them. We then went back to Temple Square where my mom went to go do a temple session while Sister Ying and Sister Cheng emailed. I was able to go with them to where they email and I just sat there with Sister Ying for two hours while she emailed everyone. It was awesome! She had to focus on emailing everyone instead of using those two hours to talk to me but hey, I was okay with it! I was happy that I was able to just be there with her. Once Sister Ying and Sister Cheng were done emailing, we went back out on to the Square where they met up with two other companionships. We said our goodbyes and they headed home with the other sister missionaries.

I’m so glad my mom and I were able to spend so much time (especially me!) with Sister Ying during our one-time visit. I’m grateful that her mission president understood how important this was to us and granted us special permission to visit her for all those hours. I don’t think we really did anything super exciting or fun, but it was wonderful to just spend time with Sister Ying again. Man, I miss her! But it makes me so happy to see her so happy.

Until next time,

Underground in the South Visitors' Center with our cousin, Sister Pien!

Underground in the South Visitors’ Center with our cousin, Sister Pien!

Doing some grocery shopping

Doing some grocery shopping

One happy family (missing the padre)

One happy family (missing the padre)

I love my twin!

I love my twin!


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