Chapter XV – My 3rd Transfer! // 第十五篇 – 我的第三個搬家期!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hi everyone!

So I’m officially in my third transfer now and I’m already almost done with the first week! My PDays are now on Fridays and things have just been so crazy because of transfers. Sister Cheng and I are no longer companions and my new companion is from Arizona. I’ll talk a little more about her later on because I’m sure some of you will be just as shocked as I was when I found out who my companion was going to be.

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to do announcing. Music and the Spoken Word is in the Tabernacle every Sunday morning so sisters will stand outside and announce in their languages to let people know that tours are available around Temple Square. I announced in English and I was pretty nervous at first because there were so many people, but it was so much fun! Oh yeah, I finally passed off in Mandarin this past week (when I was still with Sister Cheng) so now I can officially take Chinese tours! But it’s still like the scariest thing for me because my Chinese isn’t perfect! Especially when the visitors come from China – I can’t understand their accent or vocabulary! But I’m going to have to study Chinese extra hard now because my new companion doesn’t speak Chinese.

So on Monday morning, we had Transfer Conference, where our zone leaders announce our new assignments, housing and companions. Sister Cheng is now with a sister from Korea and I am with…SISTER MAY!!! She’s in some of the pictures that I sent home, but we were in the same district together during my first transfer and she is in my class (which means she came the same time as me). We have been on exchanges with each other a few times in the past and we would always joke about being companions but we never thought it would actually happen. We were in different zones this last transfer so we weren’t together during Transfer Conference when we found out we were companions. But when Sister Nakaima and Sister Richards (my zone leaders, both from Japan!) told me that my companion was Sister May, I thought they were joking! Sister May said that when her zone leaders told her that we were companions, she started screaming “SISTER YING FROM CALIFORNIA?!” Ever since we were in the same district together during our first transfer, we have become really good friends. It feels so weird that we’re companions now and we always feel like we’re supposed to go back to our “real” companions at the end of the day, but we are having so much fun together! Maybe a little too much fun. Oh yeah, we are now the Supplies Coordinators, which means that we spend a lot of time behind the scenes now. We get to go to secret underground places to get supplies like Books of Mormon, pass-along cards, referral cards, etc. and distribute them to all the desks and buildings on the Square. It’s a lot of work but Sister May and I make it fun. I need to work out though…the carts almost ran me over because they were too heavy. But Sister May wakes me up by 6:15 every morning now so that we can do zumba by 6:30. I have never done zumba before but it’s kinda like a dancing workout. It’s actually really fun and I’m glad I have a companion who forces me to work out now. Sister Cheng and I used to just stretch in the mornings :> Anyways, Sister May and I couldn’t be any more different! Here are some examples…

-She is a blonde/brunette cheerleader who just turned 19 in June. I played instruments in high school and I’m 3 years older than her.
-She hates cats. I love cats.
-She finished hair school and doesn’t plan on going to college. I already graduated college.
-She loves meat. I’m a vegetarian (well, pescetarian now technically). But she actually wants to try going vegetarian this transfer with me.
-She’s so outgoing and talks to anyone. I’m all awkward and shy.

Those are just some things that I can think of off the top of my head. Even though we are so different, we get along so well with one another. We kinda balance each other out and right now we’re trying to find the perfect balance of having fun but also being spiritual. Although we were good friends before we became companions, I know that we are with a certain companion for a certain reason at a certain time. I have come to realize that everything happens for a reason and there are people placed specifically in your life for a specific reason, even if you don’t know what that reason is yet.

Have a great week, everyone! I miss and love you all. The weather is getting colder and colder out here so it makes me miss the nice California weather but there is no place I’d rather be than out here on my mission right now.

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

Sister Yu went outbound this transfer to Tampa, Florida! Our last meal together in these companionships

Sister Yu went outbound this transfer to Tampa, Florida! Our last meal together in these companionships

First day with Sister May in our Supply Room. Yup, we organized all those DVD players in the back

First day with Sister May in our Supply Room. Yup, we organized all those DVD players in the back

2013年 10月 18日,星期五




上個禮拜一早上的時候,我們舉行了搬家的大會。在那個大會,我們的地帶領袖們跟我們宣布我們新的責任,住所,同伴,甚麼的。程姊妹現在是跟一個來自韓國的姊妹在一起,而且我現在是跟… 梅姊妹在一起!她是在我寄回家的幾張照片裡面。而且在我的第一個搬家期的時候,我和她是在同一個地區裡面,再說我和她也是在同樣的班級(這個意思就是我們在同樣的時間來到這兒開始傳教)。我們以前換了同伴的時候,也有幾個機會在一起。那個時候我們常常開玩笑說我們將來會變成同伴團。我們沒想到這件事真的會發生!我們倆上個搬家期是在不同的地帶裡面,所以在上個星期的搬家大會的時候,我們不是在一起聽到我們是同伴團。當拿凱瑪姊妹和理查茲姊妹(她們兩個都是從日本來的)告訴我說我新的同伴是梅姊妹的時候,我真的覺得她們就是在開個玩笑!梅姊妹後來跟我說,當她的地帶領袖告訴她我是她新的同伴的時候,她就很興奮地尖叫,“那個來自加州的應姊妹?!”自從我們倆是在同一個地區,也是在我們的第一個搬家期的時候,我們一直相處得特別好。我還是覺得跟她在一起是不可思議的,而且我們每天晚上也會感覺到我們需要跟我們“真正”的同伴再換一下。我和她在一起最近真的在快快樂樂地傳教!也許太好玩了。對了,我們這個搬家期是擔任供應品的協調員,所以我們大部分的時間是在幕後工作的。這個責任帶來的機會就是,我們可以到在地下的一些祕密地方去拿供應品來送給別的姊妹們用(比如說,摩爾們經,傳單,回條卡,甚麼的)。我們也會把這些東西擺在聖殿廣場各個櫃台上。有時候我覺得擔任供應品的協調員挺辛苦,可是我和梅姊妹會製造樂趣一起去做好。不過我真的需要多運動…我差點被手推車輾過了,就是因為它們太重了!梅姊妹每天早上六點十五分的時候,就會把叫醒了。她是這麼做是因為我們在六點半時,會一起做尊巴。我從來沒做過尊巴,但是它就是一種跳舞的運動。尊巴真的挺好玩!我非常高興我有這個會勉強我做運動的同伴。程姊妹和我以前在早上的時候,只做的運動就是伸展而已 :> 反正,梅姊妹跟我真的很不一樣!比如說:

- 她頭髮是金色的。她以前在高中的時候,是一個啦啦隊員。她在今年六月時才満十九歲。我以前在高中的時候,喜歡玩樂器。而且,我比她大三歲了。

- 她討厭貓。我愛貓。
- 她剛剛從學做頭髮的學校畢業了,她沒打算去上大學。我已經從大學畢業了。
- 她超喜歡吃肉。我是吃素的(其實,我不是吃素的,因為我也會吃海鮮)。不過她這個搬家期想要變成吃素。
- 她非常外向和會跟任何人講話。我有點拘謹和害羞。






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