Chapter XVII – Happy (Belated) Halloween! // 第十七篇 – 祝你們萬聖節快樂!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello everyone!

This has been a fun and busy week for us at Temple Square. First, the NuSkin Convention is finally over, which means all of the Asians have gone home! Seriously though, all of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean speaking sisters worked so hard. Our phones were constantly going off for Mandarin tours so the Chinese sisters all ended up doing a Mandarin tour every hour on the hour at the flagpole. We had the largest group show up at the Flagpole last Saturday – there were 98 of them! So Sister Pien (my cousin), Sister Liao (Sister Pien’s best friend from home actually), Sister May, and I took this humongous tour around Temple Square. They were all from Taiwan and they were the nicest Chinese group I had ever taken since I’ve been here. It may have helped that both Sister Liao and Sister Pien are from Taiwan and both live relatively near to where these visitors were from, that my parents were from Taiwan, and that we had Sister May with us. Seriously though, all of the Asians LOVE Sister May. They always want to take pictures with her because she’s so beautiful. Anyways, at the end of the tour, 24 of them referred! And the best part is that they are all in Taiwan which means we can teach them! I also had my fair share of not so easy Chinese tours. I had to lead a tour with 25 people from Beijing and it was a really hard tour for me, especially since I have a hard time understanding Chinese accents. Luckily, I had a Chinese sister with me (Sister  Guo from Taiwan, who is in her first transfer), otherwise I would have been terrified. But they were getting a little out of hand at one point in the tour – they were demanding so many things, upset that they couldn’t go into the temple, upset that the organist wasn’t playing the organ at the time they came, talking over one another, not really listening to me, and asking so many questions. I used to have Sister Cheng with me the last two transfers so she knew how to handle hard tours like these but this time, I had a first transfer sister with me and this was probably only her second or third large group Chinese tour. Finally, I interrupted them all (for those of you who know me, you know that I hate confrontation, so this was not easy for me….) and I felt prompted to testify of the importance of temples and eternal families. I also shared with them why I decided to come out on a mission. This was the scariest thing for me to do because #1 my Chinese is not fluent! and #2 I HATE CONFRONTATION AND TENSION. But after I testified of these things, they all became silent and stopped trying to argue with me and one another. At the end of the tour, more than half of them referred! I know that I definitely could not have done this without Heavenly Father on my side. As a side note, every time I take a Chinese tour, I always make Sister May pray with me that I can communicate with them fluently.

Anyways, I have an embarrassing story for you all. Like this pains me to share this story with you but I know you will all enjoy it so here it goes….so this week, we had to get flu shots. And I bawled. Like, not even weeping, but straight up bawling. BUT! I have an explanation for why I was bawling. I am deathly afraid of needles and shots. Sister May passed out the last time she got a shot before her mission and she even had a seizure when she got a blood test. We were not good support systems for one another. There were a ton of sisters lined up for the flu shot and some other sisters were freaking out while other sisters wanted to see the freaking out sisters get their shots. Anyways, all those crazy emotions from everyone around me eventually caused me to freak out. Sister May was about to get her shot but then she freaked out and started crying a bit and that finally set me off and then I started bawling. My cousin LOVES shots (she’s so weird) so she came to be my support system since Sister May was totally useless to me at this point. But all is well now. But the most embarrassing part of this story is that there are pictures of me crying! Enjoy. Yup, that’s my cousin trying to comfort me, and one of the senior couples is a licensed nurse so he administered the shots.

Okay, I hope you all had a good laugh. Anyways, I feel so lucky to serve here at Temple Square because this week, Elder and Sister Oaks came to speak to us as a mission! They talked to us about missionary work and how we really were picked to serve at such a special place. One thing Elder Oaks said that I’ll never forget is, “You were an inspiration to one of the 12 apostles to come serve at Temple Square.” I felt extremely humbled as Elder and Sister Oaks talked to us that day. And at the very end of the meeting, we got to shake Elder Oaks’ hand and hug Sister Oaks! I really feel so lucky to be able to serve here because not that many people have this opportunity to meet the apostles. Speaking of meeting apostles, Sister May and I also ran into Elder Craig Cardon from the 70. Since we do supplies, we get to go down to these secret tunnels and that is where we saw him. We didn’t get to talk to him but when he walked past us, I thought he looked really familiar. I had a strong feeling that he was on the 70 who gave a talk about how the Savior wants to forgive at the April 2013 General Conference. When I got back to the Square, I looked him up and I was right! I couldn’t remember his name at the time but I remembered what he looked like. I highly recommend you guys read that talk by him – it is one of my favorites!

One last reason why I feel so lucky to serve at Temple Square – we got to have a Halloween party last night! The Square closed at 5 pm and we got to watch Chronicles of Narnia as a mission. We also had dinner provided and we had some really good baked potatoes! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and although I didn’t dress up for anything this year, I still had so much fun. Temple Square really is the best mission and we have the best mission presidency, too!

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! Winter is fast approaching and apparently it’ll snow on Sunday. I’m excited for the snow but at the same time, I’m really cold. Anyways, the church is true, Heavenly Father loves you, Jesus Christ loves you, and I love you. Have a great week!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

My cousin Sister Pien comforting me as I bawl my eyes out

My cousin Sister Pien comforting me as I bawl my eyes out

Flu shot!!!

Flu shot!!!

2013年 11月 1日,星期五


對我們在聖殿廣場的姊妹來說,這個星期又好玩又忙。首先,那個NuSkin的大會終於結束了,結果呢,那些來自亞洲的一大群遊客都回家了。不瞞你說,上個星期在這兒的全部會說中文,日語,和韓文的姊妹們都工作得很辛苦。我們的電話鈴聲不斷地響起了,原因就是為了通知我們帶普通話團參觀。我們這些會說中文的姊妹們後來決定在旗杆旁邊每小時地帶普通話團。上個禮拜六在旗杆那邊,最大的一群中文團來到…. 一共有九十八個遊客! 邊姊妹(我的表妹),寥姊妹(邊姊妹最好的朋友。她們都是從同樣的家鄉),以及梅姊妹和我帶這個非常大的團體參觀聖殿廣場。他們統統都來自台灣,而且他們是我來到這邊開始帶團以來,最友f善的中文團。也許因為寥姊妹和邊姊妹也是從台灣來的,而且她們以前住的地方離那些遊客的家很近,並且我的父母也來自台灣,還有當時梅姊妹也跟我們在一起,所以呢,我覺得這些事情都幫助我們很多。所有的亞洲人都超喜歡梅姊妹。他們總是想要跟她一起拍照,因為她真的很漂亮。反正,參觀完之後,那群其中的二十四個遊客交回了回條!令人很興奮的一件事情就是他們都是從台灣來的,所以我們可以教導他們!我也遇到一些不是很容易的團體。我有一次得帶二十五個來自北京的遊客參觀。對我來說,帶這個團體不簡單,特別是因為我不太習慣聽大陸的口音。我那天碰運了,因為當天我恰好有一個中國姊妹跟我在一起(郭姊妹來自台灣。這個搬家期是她的第一個),不然的話,我那個時候非常緊張。他們在參觀時,有一次情況亂七八糟的。他們的要求太過分了,比如,他們很生氣不能進去聖殿,他們也很生氣沒有人在彈風琴,而且他們一直提出很多問題,可是常常不聽也不理我。在我的第一和第二個搬家期我有程姊妹跟我在一起,所以我以前每次靠著她處理這樣不容易的團體。但是這次我的同伴是新來的,而且當時是她的第二或第三次跟一大群中文團打交道。我終於插嘴這些遊客(如果你真的認識我的話,你就知道我非常不喜歡衝突。所以呢,我好不容易這麼做),我那一刻受到靈感使我向這群團體見證聖殿和永恆家庭的重要性。我也跟他們分享我為甚麼決定去傳教的原因。那個時候我非常緊張,一來我的中文沒有那麼流利,二來我真的討厭衝突。不過我跟他們見證這點之後,他們突然間平靜下來了,而且他們也停止抱怨和爭論。參觀完之後,他們大半也交回了回條! 我知道我當時若沒有天父在我旁邊給於我協助的話,我肯定沒有辦法這麼做。在另一方面,我每次帶中文團時,我總是會請梅姊妹跟我一起做禱告,為了請求神讓我流利地跟中國人溝通。








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