Photo Diary: Halloween Week 2013 // 照片集錦: 二零一三年的萬聖節週 (A)

Friday, November 1, 2013 // 2013年 11月 1日,星期五

Sister Ying sent a bunch of photos in her email a few weeks ago, so I decided to just put them all together into one blog post. Enjoy!

Until next time,



We made an Oreo pie! // 我們做了一個巧克力派!

Sister May and I // 我和梅姊妺

Fall is beautiful in Utah! // 猶他州的秋天真美!

This is our dungeon, where we keep the supplies!! // 這是專門放置供應品的關押室!

Twin sandwich! // 雙胞胎三明治!

Twins // 雙胞胎

Sister May and I // 我和梅姊妺

Halloween party!!!! // 萬聖節派對!!!!

Halloween party!!!! // 萬聖節派對!!!!

Baked potato bar!! // 烤馬鈴薯吧枱!!

Our APs pretending to demonstrate how to do makeup and hair for sister missionaries // 我們會長團助理假扮模特兒為傳教士姊妹做化妝和頭髮的示範

There were two other sisters standing behind each of them so those aren’t their hands actually! // 有二位姊妹站在她們的後面,所以並不是她們的手!

All the zone leaders had a doughnut eating contest to see which zone gets their baked potatoes first! // 所有地帶領袖們都去吃甜甜圏比賽,看那個區可以先去拿烤馬鈴薯!


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