Chapter XIX – One Busy Week // 第十九篇 – 非常忙碌的一週

Friday, November 15, 2013

This week has flown by. Actually, more like this whole transfer. We are already in Week 5 of Week 6! Anyways, this has been one very busy week and there’s so much I want to tell you guys but as usual, I’m running out of time. So I’ll sum everything up real quick.

First, C, who we had been teaching twice a week for a whole transfer, wrote us off this week. He told us that he was no longer interested in learning about the gospel and didn’t see himself joining the Church and it just broke my heart! He is a great person with solid standards and it was hard to say goodbye, especially because I never saw it coming. Often times, he reminded me of myself actually, so maybe that’s why I had such a hard time parting ways. I just need to remember that Heavenly Father has a plan and timing for everything and that things happen for a reason.

On a happier note, I spoke with a Chinese person on the phone for the very first time without a Chinese-speaking person! His name is R and he actually lives in the area where the Chinese elders that I used to meet up with at UCR are. He said that he is interested in learning more and he really liked what we had talked about when he came for a tour (he was part of the 98 Mandarin Flagpole tour for the NuSkin convention). He even wants to go to church! He said he even wants to go down to the branch to visit because he goes to Irvine about once a month or so. So keep your eyes out for him!

Another really cool thing that happened this week is Sister May and I saw Elder Nelson and Elder Perry at the Church Office Building parking lot! We got to shake Elder Perry’s hand and chat with him for a little bit. He told me that Arizona’s oranges are better than California’s 😦 (Sister May is from AZ). Perks of being in charge of supplies :> We get to go down through the tunnels and run into apostles!

On Tuesday, we had a missionary fireside where the Temple Square mission got to sing and perform. We had it in the Assembly Hall and it was packed! The Salt Lake City missionaries got to bring their investigators and we were allowed to invite our own investigators as well. Sadly, all of our investigators are in Africa, Australia and California at the moment so none of them were able to attend. But President Gillette let us invite our families and friends so Nerd got to visit! President Gillette even let her come downstairs with us after the fireside and a lot of the sisters got to meet the twin. They were all really freaked out because most of them didn’t even know I had a twin. It was so good to see her though! I’m definitely lucky to have President Gillette give us permission to see our families this past week :>

Last night, we got to watch the play “Savior of the World.” I’m not sure when the play will be available for the public to see but it was really cool to watch it. Only the Temple Square sisters got to watch it last night and although it was just a dress rehearsal, it was still really good! The play was all about Jesus Christ – it was about His birth and His Resurrection. You could really feel the Spirit during the play and I am just so grateful for the Atonement in my life and the knowledge that I have of our loving Savior.

Anyways, my time is up. Have a great week everyone! I heard California’s weather is perfect right now. I think it’s like 38 right now. I’m freezing. Alright, I miss and love you all!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

Sister Zuniga from Honduras! She’s returning to the Mexico Visitors’ Center next week 😦 I’m gonna miss her! She was my favorite!

For the missionary fireside we had on Tuesday night

For the missionary fireside we had on Tuesday night

Missionary fireside

Missionary fireside

The nerd!!!

The nerd!!!

Missionary fireside that the Temple Square mission put on

Missionary fireside that the Temple Square mission put on

Nerd got a creeper photo of us

Nerd got a creeper photo of us

Missionary fireside

Missionary fireside

Twin sandwich!

2013年 11月 15日,星期五



在另一方面,我上個禮拜跟一個中國人講電話,同時我沒有一個會說中文的同伴在我旁邊。那就是我第一次這麼做!他的名字叫羅傑,他正好住在我的母校UCR 附近。而那裡也正是我以前和説中文的長老們見面的地方!他告訴我們他對學習福音感興趣,而且他也說他很喜歡他在聖殿廣場參觀的時候所聽到的事情(他兩個禮拜前,在那個NuSkin的大會其間時,參與了那個包括98個遊客的中文團)。他很想去教會!他也說因為他大概每個月一次都會到爾灣去,所以他也想要去拜訪耶魯分會。請你們留意他!

本週發生的另外一件很酷的事情,就是我和梅姊妹在教會辦公樓的停車場碰到了貝利長老和納爾遜長老!我們跟貝利長老握個手,而且我們也跟他聊一聊。他告訴我說亞利森那州的橙子比加州的好吃多了 :((梅姊妹是從亞利桑那州來的)這個經驗就表現出擔任供應品協調員的好處 :> 我們常常有機會到在地下的隧道去,而在那裡可以跟使徒碰面。

我們上個禮拜二舉行了一個傳教士的爐邊聚會。在那個爐邊聚會時,我們這些聖殿廣場的姊妹們在禮堂裡面唱歌和表演。那座禮堂客滿了!鹽湖城傳道部的傳教士當晚有機會帶他們的慕道友來參加,而且我們也有機會邀請我們的慕道友來看看。不巧,我們全部的慕道友都在別的地方,比如說,非洲,澳大利亞,和加州,所以他們都不能參加。不過吉列會長准許我們邀請親戚朋友來,結果芝騏(我的姊姊)有機會來看我!吉列會長也准許她在爐邊聚會完畢之後,跟我們一起見面。在這邊的很多姊妹有機會認識她。因為她們大部分都原來不知道我們倆是雙胞胎,所以她們一看到芝騏就很驚訝。能夠跟她見面真的讓我非常高興!我的確好幸運吉列會長上個星期給我們准許能看到我們的一些家人! :>





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