Chapter XXIII – Less Than a Year Left! // 第二十三篇 – 我剩下只有不到一年的時間!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Well everyone, I can officially say that I have less than a year left on my mission! Yup, that’s right – I will be home December 10, 2014. Time is going by pretty quick. Since I don’t have much time left (as usual), I’ll just give you guys a quick recap of what’s been going on this past week.

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to go speak in a ward. I was thinking that I didn’t have to speak the entire time on my mission since I’m at Temple Square and we don’t have a ward, but I was wrong! There are some wards around Salt Lake City that invite the Temple Square missionaries to come speak in their ward and do a musical number as well. I had a small solo during the musical number which terrified me. I have never even sung in public in a small group, let alone a solo! The topic I was given was about becoming unified to bring God’s Will. At first, that was really hard for me to think about, but I reached the conclusion that being unified goes hand in hand with God’s Will. As members of the Church, we need to heed the prophet and apostles’ counsel so that we can become one and do the Lord’s work. We also had a snowstorm this past week and I had been originally assigned to drive to speak in the ward on Sunday. But then we got a call from President Seppi and he told us that he would be picking us up and driving us to the ward we were speaking in because he was worried that the weather was too bad for me to drive in. He was afraid he would offend me but he literally was an answer to my prayers! I HATE driving in the snow so I was more than happy to let him do it. President Seppi is the best!!

The Temple Square missionaries also got the opportunity to attend the Christmas Devotional at the Conference Center this past week. I ran into a few people, as well as my twin (!!!!!), so that was nice. A ward volunteered to cover the Square while us sisters got to enjoy the devotional. If you guys haven’t seen it, go on right now and watch it! It was so great, especially Elder Nelson’s talk. President Monson also shared a quick message about our Savior and Christmas. It’s always an amazing feeling to be in the presence of the prophet and the apostles. And Christmas time is really a special time because we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

This week, we also had Elder Clark, who was in the First Quorum of the Seventy, come speak to us about literally everything – missionary work, the gospel, what to study in college (already kinda past that though….), and future spouses/eternal marriage. We had a long meeting (about 6 hours long), but I gained a lot of personal insight about what I need to do as a missionary. There are so many things that I want to change about myself to become more Christlike and time is flying by on the mission. Hopefully I’ll be able to become more Christlike by the time I finish my mission.

Anyways, my time is up. I hope you are all doing well! I hope you guys will all really focus on what’s important during this season. Think about what Jesus Christ means to you and what you can do for Him this year. I miss and love you all!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

Christmas concert!

Christmas concert!

My cousin Sister Pien and her companion Sister Alvine from Cameroon

My cousin Sister Pien and her companion Sister Alvine from Cameroon

2013年 12月 13日,星期五


我上個禮拜天有機會在附近的一個支會做演講。我本來覺得因為我是個聖殿廣場的傳教士,而我們這些姊妹沒有支會,所以在我整個傳教的其間,我不會做演講…. 但是我想錯了! 鹽湖城的一些支會偶爾會邀請聖殿廣場的傳教士參加他們的支會,而向他們做演講和音樂的分享。讓我感到非常緊張的一件事請,就是在我們的音樂分享時,我單獨地唱一部分。我從來沒有在公開的場合中唱過,所以這個獨唱的經驗使我有點不舒服!我演講的題目就是與神和諧來讓祂的旨意實現。我一聽到這個題目,就覺得有點模糊,但是我後來發覺到合一,還有神的旨意,這兩件事情是相輔相成的。我們這些教會的成員得聽從神的先知和使徒們的忠告,結果我們就能合而為一,而合作地推動神的事工。我本來打算禮拜天的時候開車去附近的教堂做演講,但是因為剛好在那天發生了一場大風雪,所以賽皮會長決定他要送我們到那邊。他是因為那天的天氣不好,而很擔心我們在外面開車。他本來也怕這麼做就會得罪我,可是他的確是我禱告的答案!我非常討厭和害怕在下雪的時候開車,所以我十分高興他決定來接我們。賽皮會長真的很棒!






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