Chapter XXV – Christmas as a Missionary! // 第二十五篇 – 傳教士的聖誕節

Friday, December 27, 2013

This has been such a fun week because it was Christmas, which is my favorite holiday ever! First off, I just wanna thank everyone who sent me packages! You are all the best and everything will be eaten/put to good use. And I will definitely be sharing snacks with other sisters here. Thanks again! I will eventually get caught up with writing you all back as well.

Last Saturday, we got to eat dinner at a member’s house and it was so nice to be able to be in an actual house for the first time in months. I was really hoping that they would have a cat or dog in their home but they didn’t. But we still had lots of fun at their house. We sang Christmas songs and just talked about family Christmas traditions (which made me realize that my family doesn’t really have any…that needs to change).

On Christmas Eve, the Square closed at 5 and we had a mission party! Cafe Rio catered our dinner (SO YUMMY!) and then we watched a movie about Christ’s birth. I think it was called The Nativity Story or something like that. I really love Christmas but I think this one has been the most meaningful to me since we get to focus on our Savior so much. After the movie, we went on a little walk around Temple Square. The senior couples and mission presidency were dressed as characters from Christ’s birth such as shepherds, a Roman soldier, angels, etc. It was both fun and spiritual and it helped us remember the true meaning of Christmas even more.

The next day, we got to call home!!!! So I got to talk to my family and my cat. Yes, he meowed over the phone so I consider that talking with him. The Square closed at 5 pm again and we had another Christmas party! They provided dinner for us once again and we watched another Christmas movie called “Christmas for a Dollar.” It’s a cute and cheesy movie. Then, Santa Claus came to visit. It was actually Elder Creer, one of the senior couples that served here and went home a couple months ago. He is the BEST (and craziest) Santa Claus ever! We were all really excited and happy to see him. He is the only one that is allowed to hug the sisters here haha. Our mission got us stockings and they filled them with all sorts of different presents that were perfect for missionaries! Such as notebooks, pens, lotion, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, etc. After that, we watched another movie, “Happy Feet,” and then we called it a night.

This last week, I called one of my past investigators to wish him a merry Christmas. Sister Cheng and I used to teach him twice a week but then one day he told us he didn’t want to learn anymore and that broke my heart. I have been waiting for the past two months to have an excuse to call him and unfortunately, he didn’t answer, so I just left a voicemail for him. BUT THEN!!!!! He emailed me a couple days later to tell me he got my message and that it made his day! I’m not sure if he’s interested in learning about the gospel again, but this is the first contact I’ve had with him in months and so I’m really happy to hear from him.

Anyways, I must be off now. I love you all and miss you very much. Happy New Year!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying

P.S. I find out next Thursday if I go outbound. I’ve kinda got a feeling that I am…..they send out a ton of sisters after Christmas since the Square isn’t busy after Christmas. We’ll find out soon!

Cafe Rio!!!!

Cafe Rio!!!!

Had to wear my ugly Xmas sweater

Had to wear my ugly Xmas sweater

Elder Creer/Santa and President Gillette

Elder Creer/Santa and President Gillette

Jeremy's present!

Jeremy’s present!



The lights!

The lights!

Temple Square lights

Temple Square lights

2013年 12月 27日,星期五




我們隔天都打電話給我們的家人!!!! 我當天有機會跟我的家庭和我的貓講話!對,我聽到牠叫的聲音,所以我覺得那就算跟牠講話。那天聖殿廣場又在晚上五點關門了,然後我們又辦了一個派對!我們的傳道部再提供晚飯,而且我們也一起看了另外一部電影,叫做“一美元的聖誕節。”這部電影很可愛。後來聖誕老公公來拜訪我們。那個聖誕老公公就是克裏長老(他以前在這邊當過年長的傳教士)。他是最棒和最誇張的聖誕老公公!能夠見到他讓我們非常興奮。他是唯一的可以給我們這些姐妹擁抱的男士。我們的傳道部也給我們聖誕節的襪子,而這些襪子被很多不同的小禮物塞滿了。對我們這些傳教士來說,這些禮物都是完美的!我們的襪子裡面包括很多本子,筆,潤膚霜,洗劑,牙膏,什麼的。然後,我們再看了一部電影,叫做“快樂的大腳。”看完之後,我們就回家了。






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