Chapter XXVI – Hello 2014! // 第二十六篇 – 你好2014年!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I have only about 5 minutes left of emailing time so I will sum up my week in bullet points this time. But first, the big news….

I’M GOING OUTBOUND! On New Year’s Eve, they announced the sisters who are going outbound. There are 31 of us and 17 are leaving from my class. This is crazy. I’m excited but also super nervous at the same time! On Monday morning, they’ll tell us where we’re going and for how long and then on Wednesday morning, I leave to my new area! There are so many things that I need to get done before I leave but I’m trying hard not to stress about it.

  • We went to the BYU Museum of Art yesterday! And we took a tour of BYU campus. It was weird being back in Provo and I could see the nerd’s apartment….we drove right by it. We went to see the artwork that was being displayed and it was all about our Savior. I don’t really understand art but I can appreciate it and we had someone explaining each painting to us, which was awesome.
  • I saw Jeremy’s family this week! My mission president gave me permission to take them on a tour and that was probably the most I have ever had to rely on the Spirit since my mission. I was literally spiritually exhausted and drained after that.
  • New Year’s Eve was fun! We just spent it as a mission and got to stay up til like 11 pm….we did a fake little countdown and pretended it was midnight. Thanks to the Bray Family for our little NYE treats!

Anyways, I miss and love you all! The next time I write to you will be from a different state! How crazy is that?!

Love, Sister Olivia Ying



Our Ensign picture! Sister Cheng and I almost made it into the November 2013 Ensign!

Our Ensign picture! Sister Cheng and I almost made it into the November 2013 Ensign!

Sister Yeung, my district leader

Sister Yeung, my district leader

Happy new year!!!

Happy new year!!!

2014年 1月 3日,星期五



  • 我們昨天有機會去楊百翰大學的藝術博物館!我們也有機會參觀那邊的校園。回去普羅沃給我感覺有點奇特。我當天經過我姊姊的家。我們去看楊百翰大學展覽的藝術,統統都是關於我們的救主。我不太懂藝術這一方面,但是我還會欣賞它。那個時候有一個人幫我們解釋每個藝術品的意義,所以我覺得很有趣!
  • 我這個禮拜也看到忠航的家庭!我的傳道部會長讓我帶他們參觀聖殿廣場。從我開始傳教以來,這次是我最努力地靠著聖靈的經驗。帶他們去參觀之後,我感覺到非常累。
  • 新年的前一天真的很好玩!我們全部的姐妹都有機會一起熬夜到十一點….我們假裝那時刻就是半夜的時候,而我們做了一種假的倒數計時。謝謝瑞家庭給我的新年禮物和小吃!




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