Chapter XXVII – Hello from Pittsburgh! // 第二十七篇 – 來自匹茲堡的問好!

Monday, January 13, 2014

I’m in Pittsburgh, everyone! I will be in Pennsylvania for the next 3 months and will be back at Temple Square in April. Alright, so I’ve had a pretty rough start out here….story time!

I left early Wednesday morning and flew out from Salt Lake City to Detroit. When I got to Detroit, I found out that my connecting flight to State College, PA, was cancelled because there was a storm on the East Coast. I was stuck in the Detroit Airport for 8 hours and this airport IS THE BIGGEST AIRPORT EVER. I had to run back and forth, from gate to gate, with my luggage to figure out what to do. Talk about exhausting. And I also have no cell phone at this point so I had to run around begging people to borrow theirs. To make a long story short, they put me on the last flight they had to Pittsburgh and my mission president picked me up late Wednesday night. I spent the night in the mission president and wife’s home because it was too late to stay with other sister missionaries. Wednesday was the first time I’ve been totally alone for the last 6 months/companionless! Weird, huh? Anyways, we found out that they lost my luggage (of course) and that they sent it to State College instead of Pittsburgh. So the only clothes I had was the outfit I was wearing. So I wore the same clothes for 3 days. I literally had like nothing! I only had my study materials….that’s about it. I didn’t even have my glasses so when I took out my contacts for the night, I walked around blindly.

Anyways, I’ve been temporarily assigned to be here in a trio until tomorrow since tomorrow is their Transfer Day. My companions are both from Utah and are under 20 years old…I forgot how diverse Temple Square is. Everyone thinks it’s such a big deal that I’m from California since almost all the other missionaries are from Utah. My companions have been really sweet and helpful though since I am completely new to the area/don’t know what a proselyting mission is like and I had NOTHING the first few days, so I’m blessed to have them. They weren’t expecting me since I was supposed to be in a whole different area, but they’ve tried their best to accommodate a third person in their apartment. Air mattresses are surprisingly comfortable. Except, I froze for the first couple nights because we didn’t have enough blankets. But despite all the craziness I’ve gone through this past week, I have found joy through the journey. For those of you who know me, you know that I HATE PACKING and I HATE TRAVELING ALONE. Like, it stresses me out beyond belief, to the point of a meltdown and tears. But when the mission office at Temple Square first handed me my itinerary and told me that my flight may be cancelled and that everything might go wrong, I remember just praying really really hard that I would somehow not freak out through all of this. And that prayer of mine has definitely been answered. I have remained unusually calm and peaceful through the whole thing and treated it as an adventure, which made all the difference. I was even expecting my bag to not make it here with me, yet I just always had the constant assurance that everything would be okay.

Tomorrow, I will be driving up to State College (5+ hour drive…) and start in the area I’m supposed to be in. This past week, I’ve just been tagging along with Sister Moore and Sister Wilde (our trio) to visit their investigators. We also got to visit members and have dinner with a couple families, which was really nice since we never got to have that at Temple Square. And everyone has a cat or dog!!!! So I’ve had my fair share of animals sitting in my lap this past week, which is pretty exciting for me. President Topham, my new mission president, told me that I will be serving in a Young Singles Adult (YSA) ward though and that I will be serving at Penn State. That means I’m walking/taking the bus (we have a car in this area) and I probably won’t be having many more member dinners or have the chance to play with people’s pets. He also said that I will be mostly teaching students in Chinese….which scares me!!!!!!!!! My Chinese isn’t fluent! He said that I’m the only Chinese-speaking missionary in the entire mission and they specifically requested a Chinese-speaking sister from Temple Square. Three other Chinese-speaking sisters from Temple Square went outbound, including my cousin. Two went to Utica, New York (that’s where my cousin is right now), and one went to Spokane, Washington, and now I’m here in Pennsylvania. President Topham told me that there are so many Chinese students just waiting to learn about the gospel and that’s why he asked President Gillette for a Chinese sister. But President Gillette wasn’t the one who decided to send me out to Pennsylvania. The prophet and the 12 Apostles went through our missionary application again and decided where each of the Temple Square sisters needed to go. Since I know that these men are called by God, I know that there is a reason why I need to be here at this time and it doesn’t matter if my Chinese is fluent or not. I know that as long as I study Chinese every day, I have faith that I’ll be able to teach about Jesus Christ and testify of Him. And once I get back to Temple Square, I’ll be better prepared to take giant Chinese tours around!

So this is what I have been up to this last week. PDay will be on Monday from now on, until I get back to Temple Square. I’ll be back right before General Conference! Even though I’ve only been here for less than a week, I can already tell what a special place Temple Square truly is. It’s so different out here (we spend so much time in a car….) but I’m excited to see what it’s like.

I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you all.

Sister Olivia Ying

Sister Liao, Sister Pien's best friend

Sister Liao, Sister Pien’s best friend

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We made leis for the Gilletes' and President Seppi's farewell

We made leis for the Gilletes’ and President Seppi’s farewell



2014年 1月 13日,星期一




我明天打算開車去州立公園(五個小時的距離),那邊就是我新的地方。這個禮拜我好像是當穆爾和王爾德姊妹們的跟班。我跟她們一起去拜訪慕道友和成員。我們也有機會跟幾個家庭吃晚飯,這真的使我很快樂,特別是因為我在聖殿廣場平常不會跟任何的家庭吃飯。而且,這邊的大部份家庭都有一隻狗或貓!所以呢,我這個禮拜抱著很多寵物!我非常高興!我新的傳道部會長,托珀姆會長,告訴我說我會在一個單身支會服務。這個地方就是離宾州州立大学非常近。我已經預期我不會有一部車,所以我會需要走路或坐巴士。此外,我應該會很少跟成員吃晚飯或跟他們的寵物玩。 托珀姆會長也跟我說我大部份的慕道友都是來自中國的學生,所以我會常常用我的中文來教導他們。我很緊張!!!!! 他也說我是這個傳道部唯一的會說中文的傳教士。他特別請求我們的教會領袖們把一個聖殿廣場的姐妹送到這邊來。聖殿廣場也派出三個其他的姐妹去別的地方傳教(包括我的表妹)。兩個去紐約 尤蒂卡(我的表妹現在在那邊),一個去斯波坎华盛顿,還有我在宾夕法尼亚。為了知道我們應該去哪裏,我們的先知和十二使徒再看了我們的傳教士申請表,而做決定。我知道這些男士都是神所召喚的,所以我知道我現在肯定需要在這邊服務。不管我的中文流利或不流利,神確實有一個原因派我到這裡來。我知道只要我每天學習中文,我就會有效地教導耶穌基督的福音,而為祂做見證。並且,我知道我在這邊的經驗會幫助我準備好回去聖殿廣場,而在那邊帶領那些很大的中文團體。





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