Chapter XXIX – Unity // 第二十九篇 – 團結

Monday, January 27, 2014

Okay so I have about three minutes to write a very quick email. I don’t have as much time as I get at Temple Square to email here. But this week, I taught a few lessons and only one was with an English speaker. Yup, the rest were with Chinese students, all from China. And it has been such an amazing experience! I LOVE teaching the Chinese students. When I was at Temple Square, I would run away from the Chinese people because they scared me but now I love teaching them. They really don’t know much about Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father and it is such a blessing for me to share my testimony with them constantly. Although religion is something very new to them, they are so ready to learn and are so willing to pray and see if the things we teach them are true.

The branch I serve in is small but they are all so united with one another. Everyone is working towards missionary work and they try so hard to welcome everyone into the branch family. It reminds me of our own Chinese branch back home. It really amazes me though because the majority of the branch are all students. Some are undergrads but the majority are getting their PhDs or their master’s. They are such a great example to me because they sacrifice so much time out of their studies to do the Lord’s work. Every lesson we taught this week, a member has been present for them. It’s so helpful to have members help us with this work because they can fellowship our investigators and help them feel more welcomed. The members have so much faith that the Lord will bless them and help them with school as long as they put Him first.

I hope all is well back in sunny California! It is FREEZING here. We had an opportunity to contact on campus and stand outside to proselyte to other students this past week and I think I literally felt the beginning of frostbite on my toes. I have never been so cold in my life. It’s supposed to be in the negatives too this week. But I’m doing well, despite the cold! I’m hanging in there 🙂 I love you and miss you all.

Sister Olivia Ying

One of the sisters I was with in Moon, that first week I was here

One of the sisters I was with in Moon, that first week I was here

The other sister I was with in Moon

The other sister I was with in Moon

We have lots of squirrels here

We have lots of squirrels here

2014年 1月 27日,星期一






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