Chapter XXXII – Officially Extending! // 第三十二篇 – 正式延長傳教時間!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hi everyone! I only have about five minutes left to email so this will have to be quick. First things first, I’m officially extending my time here in PA! President Topham (Pittsburgh mission president) called President Poulsen (new Temple Square mission president) and asked if he could keep me here for an extra transfer. The initial response from President Poulsen was no because he needs Chinese speakers at Temple Square since the big Chinese groups will start coming to the Square around April or May. President Topham said that I could try and give President Poulsen a call to see if he’ll allow me to stay. So I called up my new mission president (I’ve never met him, he came in after I left) and laid out all the reasons why I should stay here longer. I’m the only Chinese speaker in this entire mission and there aren’t even any return missionaries or Chinese members here in State College. Once I leave for Temple Square, all of our Chinese investigators will have to be taught in English. That really worries us because a lot of the investigators and recent converts have limited English and they might fall away once a Chinese speaker is gone. Anyways, I called up President Poulsen and presented my case basically. Apparently there was some miscommunication though and President Poulsen had thought that President Topham was requesting another Chinese speaker from Temple Square. Well, he said that I made an “articulate argument” and that he’ll ponder it over. Apparently he already had some ideas of what he wanted me to do at Temple Square once I came back in April so he had to rethink these plans. But last night, he told me that he’ll let me stay here until May 14th! And then he wants me back at Temple Square, no more exceptions. So I get a little more time out here to find those prepared Chinese people and teach them!

This past week, we got A LOT of snow dumped on us. Penn State was even closed on Thursday because it literally snowed all day long and everything was piled up in snow and ice. We actually got stranded at the local Episcopal Church for like 5 hours. We do service there every week by helping them prepare food for their soup kitchen. But it was an excellent place to get stranded at because they fed us and were so sweet to us! I also got to shovel snow for the very first time there! There was an older guy who went out to shovel the walkway and I ran up to him (I’m still in an apron from helping them prepare food) and asked if I could do it for him. He was really happy and I was really excited to shovel snow for the first time. Anyways, because of the amount of snow we got this past week, we didn’t get to teach a lot of lessons or find any new investigators. But this week is supposed to be a lot warmer! So hopefully that’ll help with our missionary efforts.

This week, we went to visit a young newlywed couple who moved out here for school. All of their family is in Utah and they don’t know anyone out here. We felt impressed to share God’s love for them and it was awesome. The Spirit was so strong and I could feel Heavenly Father’s love for them during that lesson, as well as His love for me. Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of us and He is aware of us. He knows our trials, joy, desires and concerns. He wants to bless us and help us but we need to go to Him first. We invited this young couple to share a little miracle every night with each other to help them recognize His Hand in their lives. I’ve done this before and it really helps you recognize His love for us. You guys should also try it!

I love you all and miss you!

Sister Olivia Ying

Sister Moss and I did not plan this...we're Xmas colors!!

Sister Moss and I did not plan this…we’re Xmas colors!!

R's baptism

R’s baptism

Check out this frozen bush

Check out this frozen bush

Shoveling snow for the first time!!!

Shoveling snow for the first time!!!



I did it!

I did it!

Our balcony

Our balcony

There was a lot of snow this past week...

There was a lot of snow this past week…

Trudging through snow

Trudging through snow

2014年 2月 17日,星期一







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