Chapter XXXIII – Missionary Birthdays // 第三十三篇 – 傳教士的生日

Monday, February 24, 2014

First off, thanks to all of those who wished me a happy birthday via email and/or cards. You guys are the best! So a lot of you have been asking how missionaries celebrate their birthday. Well, here’s what I did on my birthday. We had three lessons with investigators and we also went to go visit a less active, who unfortunately didn’t have time to let us come in to share a message with her. So yup, missionary birthdays are just another day out here. But I did get lunch with the other sisters in this area. We went to a Thai restaurant and all I gotta say is – California does Asian food way better. But I was still so grateful that they tried to make my birthday so special! The sisters in the family ward also brought me some cupcakes and candles. Later that night, we had dinner at a member’s house and the other missionaries had told them it was my birthday so they had a little birthday toast for me and lit some candles for me.

This week, Sister Washburn got sick so we had to stay in for a couple days. She’s still sick so I’m not sure if we’ll have to stay in again this week. I did get a chance to go on exchanges with a sister from the family ward though since her companion was also feeling sick, so Sister Romero and Sister Washburn stayed together last night. Sister Smith and I went out to contact a couple referrals, but we didn’t have much luck.

We also start a new transfer tomorrow but nothing has changed with me and my companion. I’m still gonna be in the same area with the same companion. I know that I won’t get transferred out of State College though, since they need a Chinese speaker here, but there was a possibility that Sister Washburn could have gotten transferred. But everything is staying the same for the next six weeks again. It’s just so different than Temple Square ’cause almost everything changes every transfer (apartments, companions, assignments, schedule). It doesn’t even feel like a new transfer for me! Oh yeah guys, I’m officially in my 6th transfer now and a mission is a total of 12 transfers. So I’m almost halfway done with the mission. Crazy!

Anyways I must go. I love and miss you all. Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

Sister Olivia Ying

I steal everyone's cats

I steal everyone’s cats

Birthday lunch. It wasn't that good...CA does Asian food right

Birthday lunch. It wasn’t that good…CA does Asian food right

The sisters that serve in the family ward brought me cupcakes!! They're the sweetest

The sisters that serve in the family ward brought me cupcakes!! They’re the sweetest

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!

2014年 2月 24日,星期一







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