Chapter XXXIX – General Conference Weekend // 第三十九篇 – 總會大會的週末

Monday, April 7, 2014

As you guys know, I was supposed to go back to Temple Square this past Wednesday and be back on the Square in time for General Conference but instead, I’m still here in State College! It was definitely strange to be watching Conference on the screen this time around. It’s a whole different experience! Instead of being on our feet all day during Conference weekend, it was more like a break for us missionaries out here. We basically sat and listened to all the talks for the whole weekend. We even had 4 investigators show up to come and listen with us! I used to not like General Conference very much because it was so long but now I love it because I can learn so much from the prophet, apostles and other Church leaders. I noticed that the speakers talked a lot about obedience and following our Savior’s example of charity and compassion. There were a few questions that I had written down that I hoped I would find answers to through these talks. I had wondered how I could develop more charity towards others around me and I feel like I definitely had that question answered since there were so many talks about charity this past weekend. Anyways, a few of my favorites that I can remember off the top of my head were Elder Holland, President Uchtdorf, Elder Teh, and Elder Perry’s talks. I hope you guys all had the chance to watch Conference!

This past week, we had J, our newest recent convert, sit in on a lesson with us for a new investigator we’ve been teaching. Turns out that their cities in China are pretty close to each other and they really hit it off. J told us that he’s been really reaching out to our investigator to make sure he feels welcome here. J is doing awesome and will be such a strong member and blessing to this branch. He has such a strong testimony already and he wants to try and help us find people to teach. He’s been inviting his friends to meet with us and to come to church. He’s such a great example to me!

Anyways, tomorrow is Transfer Day here and I’m getting a new companion. We’re not sure where Sister Washburn is going yet – she’ll find out tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know next week what happens! I miss and love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Olivia Ying

Lunch with members/recent converts/investigators in between Saturday General Conference session!

Lunch with members/recent converts/investigators in between Saturday General Conference session!

2014年 4月 7日,星期一






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