Chapter XLIII – Power of Prayer // 第四十三篇 – 祈禱的力量

Monday, May 5, 2014

This last transfer with Sister Wade has taught me the power of prayer. I think we sometimes fall into the same routine of saying the same exact prayers over time. But just like you wouldn’t want your kids, your spouse, your friend, or your parents telling you the same thing over and over again, Heavenly Father doesn’t want that either! He is literally our Father and we can tell Him anything that is on our mind and in our hearts. We were planning for our week and praying for investigators that were struggling to keep commitments, as well as praying for investigators that we’ve lost contact with for the past couple months. That same day, we ran into 4 investigators that we had been praying for, including one we haven’t seen for the last 2 and a half months. Her name is S and she was the one we had committed to baptism at the end of the first lesson. However, we never saw her again and were never able to get a hold of her.

It all started with B’s baptismal interview. After his interview (he passed!), we went to grab some ice cream on campus to celebrate with him. He showed us a new bus stop that we had never gotten on and the bus arrived much earlier than scheduled. We were surprised ’cause it arrived and left so early, but we got on it anyways. When we got on the bus, I saw S sitting in a seat by herself. I didn’t recognize her at first because it had been so long, but she did look familiar. I figured she was just someone I had briefly contacted in the past but as I was about to walk past her, she looked up at me and “S” just popped into my head. She recognized me and I sat down next to her and talked to her the whole way home. I ended up having a lesson with her on that 20 minute bus ride home about how much Heavenly Father loves her. She told me that she has been praying since our first lesson and she feels peaceful every time she prays and that she really wants to find the truth. I set up an appointment with her for next week and said a prayer with her right before we got off the bus. We then realized that we lived in the same apartment complex yet somehow never saw each other until today. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan and timing for everyone and He is aware of all of us! I could tell that she was grateful for that mini lesson on the bus and that was something she needed right in that moment. Our apartment complex isn’t that big and we take the same bus every day, yet we never saw each other these past couple months. I don’t know why we never saw each other but I know that God knows her perfectly and He knew that she needed to run into us on the bus that day. Maybe she just needed an extra boost right before finals, who knows? But I have such a strong testimony of prayers and that God has a plan for all of us.

Anyways, B will be getting baptized this Saturday! He is also turning 21 on Thursday so I know that some of the branch members are gonna do something fun for him. It’s gonna be such an exciting week for him because he’ll finish up his finals, it’ll be his birthday, his baptism, his confirmation and then he’ll fly back home to China on Monday night. And then I’ll be back at Temple Square that following Wednesday! I’m so grateful that I have this chance to see B get baptized before I leave. I was praying that I could teach someone from the very beginning up to baptism while I was outbound and B has been the answer to that prayer.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the nice weather that everyone keeps telling me about! It rains a lot here but today was the first sunny day this past week. Finally! Oh yeah, one exciting thing that’s coming up – it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday so I get to Skype home and see SquirrelCat!! And the family too of course ;> Hahaha anyways, I love and miss you all!

Sister Olivia Ying

We went hiking last week!

We went hiking last week!



This is Sister Romero from Colorado! She is the only member of her family and joined the church about a year and a half ago!

This is Sister Romero from Colorado! She is the only member of her family and joined the church about a year and a half ago!

Finding rocks for Dad

Finding rocks for Dad

We had a campfire and made s'mores for FHE!

We had a campfire and made s’mores for FHE!

2014年 5月 5日,星期一







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