Chapter XLIV – Goodbye Pennsylvania! // 第四十四篇 – 告別宾夕法尼亚州

Monday, May 12, 2014

My outbound in the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh mission is coming to an end. I will be flying back out to Salt Lake City early Wednesday morning to start my 8th transfer. Time really does fly by! This past week has been super busy and I have a couple interesting stories to tell you guys.

First, I went on an exchange out to Lock Haven which is COMPLETELY different than State College. I had no idea that PA was Amish country but when I was out there, I saw my very first buggy! There was a horse pulling the buggy with an Amish family sitting inside, running across the street. It was so crazy! PA is so beautiful though. Now that springtime is finally kicking in, it is so green everywhere. While I was on exchange with my sister training leader, Sister Smith (she used to serve with the State College family ward during my first 2 transfers here!), we went to do service at a members’ house. Okay, has anyone seen the show “Hoarders?” Their house was EXACTLY like that! I’m not even exaggerating. Apparently a lot of homes out in PA are like that. But we spent almost 4 hours cleaning just the living room. In this span of 4 hours, their cat peed on my bag and I stepped on a needle that just went right through my shoe and into my foot. But all is well and it’s all part of the whole mission experience!

On a more spiritual note, we had a baptism for B this past weekend. He is flying back to China tonight, but he will be back at Penn State in August. J, who was baptized in March, baptized B! I feel so blessed to be here to see the fruits of my labor. R, who was baptized in February, gave a talk on the Holy Ghost at B’s baptismal service and it was so good! He related the gospel to Star Wars and everyone loved his talk. I am going to miss State College and the people here so much, but I know that it is time to go back to Temple Square. I’m excited to go back to Temple Square, but I’m also really nervous since we have a new mission president and I don’t know half the sisters there anymore. It’s like a whole new mission when I get back! I’m so bad with change but I think that’s exactly why Heavenly Father sent me to the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission. This mission is constantly changing, especially with having to go outbound to a proselyting mission. On top of that, I will have had 3 mission presidents at the end of my 18 months of service. Crazy, huh? But I’m grateful for the opportunity that I have to deal with so many changes because I need to learn to deal with change better.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day so we had dinner with the Hatches and I got to Skype home! I got to see my parents, my sister, Jeremy and my cats! I’m so glad I was outbound during Mother’s Day because we don’t get to Skype at Temple Square. Anyways, I miss and love you all! The next time I email you guys, I’ll be back in Utah!

Sister Olivia Ying

The Hatches

The Hatches



Library at Penn State! It's HUGE!

Library at Penn State! It’s HUGE!

B's baptism!

B’s baptism!

Sister Wade and I filling the font

Sister Wade and I filling the font

Penn State campus!

Penn State campus!

Sister Wade, my companion!

Sister Wade, my companion!

2014年 5月 12日,星期一

我在宾夕法尼亚州 • 匹兹堡的傳教快要結束。我在這週三的早上要坐飛機回鹽湖城去,然後我在那邊就會開始我第八個搬家期。光陰似箭!我這周非常忙,但我有些很有趣的經驗要跟你們分享一下!






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