Chapter XLV – Hello Temple Square! // 第四十五篇 – 回到聖殿廣場!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Wow, it has been such a crazy week. Just a couple days ago, I was in Pennsylvania and now I’m back in Utah. So much change in such a little amount of time. On Monday and Tuesday, I just visited members and investigators to say goodbye to them. Sister Wade and I were able to have one last lesson together with a girl from China and she became a new investigator! I also got a blessing on Tuesday night to help me mentally and spiritually prepare to go back to Temple Square. In that blessing, I specifically remember Brice (Elder Quorum’s president who gave me the blessing) mentioning how I will have the gift of tongues and be able to teach people at Temple Square in Chinese. He mentioned charity and relying on the Savior, as well as trusting and loving my new mission president, President Poulsen.

On Wednesday, I was up at 2 in the morning to get ready to fly back to Salt Lake City. Sister Wade obviously had to come with me, and Sister Parker and Sister Romero came to take me to the airport, and Sister Moss and Sister Walborn woke up to say bye to me. I love them all so much and it was so hard to say goodbye to them! It was definitely too many feelings for that early in the morning. The plane ride back wasn’t much better as I wrote in my journal and wrote a letter for my branch mission leader and his wife – I was all teary-eyed the whole plane ride. On the flip side, it was exciting to come back to Temple Square. There are so many sisters that I haven’t seen in months and I was so happy to see them. Sister Sherratt had the funniest reaction when she saw me. I wish I got it on camera! She just started making the weirdest sounds and practically tackled me. If you guys remember, she was my MTC companion and is about 6 feet tall, so she like totally engulfed me when she hugged me. Sister May got back from California the same day and she looks tanner and has dark brown hair now. And I finally got to see my trainer, Sister Cheng! We haven’t seen each other in 6 months so I was so excited to see her!

Anyways, my new companion is Sister Hadzik from Germany and she is a brand new missionary! In other words, I’m training her and I feel so overwhelmed! She is a very sweet and cute sister, but I feel bad for her because I feel like I need to be retrained about Temple Square. Honestly, it’s a little scary to have to train her. When I left for PA, it was President Gillette and now that I’m back, Temple Square is like a whole new mission to me and it is completely different than what it was when I spent my first 6 months here. Here’s another secret – I’m also terrified of the Chinese people on the Square! I already forgot how to take tours in English so obviously Chinese is even harder for me! But hopefully I will get into the swing of things pretty soon.

I hope you all have a great week though! The weather in Utah is super nice and it’s beautiful at the Square. I love and miss you all!

Sister Olivia Ying

PS. Cool fact: I’m the only American in my house. There are 5 others sisters who live with me and they are from Germany (my companion), El Salvador, Japan, Dominican Republic and Sweden.

Branch president, President Hancom, and his wife (in PA)

Branch president, President Hancom, and his wife (in PA)

This is Wolfgang, my tallest friend ever! 6'9"! He was in charge of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center which is where we would have church in PA (on campus)

This is Wolfgang, my tallest friend ever! 6’9″! He was in charge of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center which is where we would have church in PA (on campus)

My new companion! I am training her and she is from Germany!

My new companion! I am training her and she is from Germany!

2014年 5月 16日,星期五








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