Chapter XLVI – 1 Week Down // 第四十六篇 – 渡過的這一週!

Friday, May 23, 2014

This has felt like the longest week being back at Temple Square, yet at the same time, it has flown by. This past week, we had Elder Clark visit our mission again for the Mission Tour. He came to do a Mission Tour here in my 4th transfer. It was an all-day training that the mission had and I learned so much. It was such perfect timing because I need all the help I can get now that I’m back at Temple Square. I won’t lie, it’s been a challenging last week for me. So much change has happened in such a short amount of time and like I mentioned before, I’m not the best with change. I’ve been trying my best to hit the ground running and just forget myself and go to work. I know my companion is having a lot of struggles right now too since she is brand new in the mission field. I want to set the best example that I can for her, but I feel like I need to be retrained as a Temple Square missionary! Maybe I’m just being hard on myself and holding myself to really high expectations, but it’s been a struggle for me.

Anyways, we had a really cool experience today! I have learned, especially from outbound, that exact obedience brings miracles. We only had a few more minutes before PDay started and it was so tempting to just go downstairs early and pack up for the day. However, I know from previous experiences that obedience is so important on the mission! We ended up meeting a man who is interested in learning about the gospel and said that he would love a phone call from us. It was so cool! Obedience brings blessings.

Alright, my time is up and I need to go now! I love and miss you all!

Sister Olivia Ying

P.S. I saw David Archuleta at the Square last week!

Sister Liao (Sister Pien's best friend), Sister May, me

Sister Liao (Sister Pien’s best friend), Sister May, me

Our district! Sister Hadzik (Germany), Sister Turro (Italy), Sister Ueno (Japan), Sister Jensen (Denmark), Sister Balledos (Philippines), me, Sister Taylor (California), Sister Spichiger (Chile)

Our district! Sister Hadzik (Germany), Sister Turro (Italy), Sister Ueno (Japan), Sister Jensen (Denmark), Sister Balledos (Philippines), me, Sister Taylor (California), Sister Spichiger (Chile)

2014年 5月 23日,星期五





還有,我上週在聖殿廣場時,看到 David Archuleta (他就是一位很有名的歌手)。


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