Chapter XLVIII – One Busy Crazy Week // 第四十八篇 – 非常忙的一週

Friday, June 6, 2014

This past week, I had a couple experiences that reminded me out being outbound in PA! First, we are starting to teach a less-active member here on the Square. He lives in Salt Lake so he can come here to meet with us every week. He really wants to come back to church but it’s a little difficult for him so he wants us to help him get back on the right path. I never had a chance to work with less-actives when I was in PA but I love being able to teach people face to face again! I had to adjust back to teaching over the phone again and I’m fine with it, but I really love teaching people face to face. Last Saturday, some of us Chinese sisters also had the opportunity to help the local Chinese elders contact at a Chinese dinner party. Unfortunately, not many investigators were there and it was mostly members, but it was still nice to interact with members again.

On Tuesday, it was Sister May’s birthday, so we decorated her locker and had dinner together to celebrate her special day. She’s only 20 years old – so young! When we went up to pay for our food, it turns out that someone had already paid for all of us!

Another exciting news is our investigator is getting baptized tomorrow! He had wanted to be baptized since last summer but his parents finally gave him permission. The most exciting thing is we have permission to SKYPE his baptism tomorrow! I am SO EXCITED about that. It’s a new thing that our mission president started doing. We need permission from both our leaders here, as well as the leaders in the ward where our investigator is being baptized and his bishop said yes! I am so excited to see what our investigator looks like! We talked to him on the phone yesterday and he is so ready for baptism. He even wants to serve a mission in a couple years! I am so excited for him.

Sister Hadzik also passed off in both English and German tours so lately, we have been taking a lot of German tours. I learned how to introduce myself in German! I never realized that there were a lot of German people that come to Temple Square but recently, we’ve been taking more German tours than Chinese tours. It’s probably also because we only have like 5 or 6 German sisters and over 20 Chinese sisters now.

On another note, I’ve been pretty sick all week long. I lost my voice for the last 4 days. The doctor said I have some kind of virus that’s attacking my vocal chords (hence why I can’t talk) and there’s nothing they can do for now so I just have to ride it out. I just feel like I’ve been sick so much on my mission! It’s sucky, but hey, what can you do except keep going? I got a blessing today and I plan on just crashing for the rest of PDay today. Before we emailed, we visited Elder Skanchy at work in his courtroom. Or should I say Judge Skanchy! We got to watch part of his case and then he let us come to the back. I’ve never been in the back of a courtroom! Or been in handcuffs before! Yup, the bailiff put me in handcuffs when we went to the back. He showed us the holding cells and talked about a typical day at work. So awesome. I totally want to work in a courtroom after my mission!

Oh yeah, one last piece of sad news. One of my good friends from the mission went home this past week. She went outbound a transfer after me but came back here the same time as me. She told me that while she was outbound, they found out that she had some medical things going on with her. They finally decided to send her home to get the proper medical treatment she needs and she hopes that she’ll be able to come back in the future. She was such a great missionary and now we’re only down to 1 Korean speaker on the Square! Crazy. Anyways, please keep her in your prayers!

Well, my time is up. But I hope you all had a great week! Hopefully by next week, I will be perfectly healthy again! I love and miss you all!

Sister Olivia Ying

Birthday dinner at Blue Lemon

Birthday dinner at Blue Lemon

Decorated Sister May's locker

Decorated Sister May’s locker

Elder/Judge Skanchy!

Elder/Judge Skanchy!



2014年 6月 6日,星期五











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