Chapter L – The End of My 8th Transfer // 第五十篇 – 我第八個搬家期的結尾

Friday, June 20, 2014

Yikes, I’m headed into my 9th transfer next week! This last full week of the transfer has just flown by. Yesterday, they announced who was going outbound and where they will all be going. These sisters are so lucky! When I went outbound, I waited almost a week before I found out where I was going. Anyways, no one is going to Pittsburgh, but I’m convinced that next transfer, someone will go there! And that someone has to be a Chinese sister! I won’t lie, I am pretty jealous of the sisters going outbound. It’s not that I don’t like Temple Square (I love it!) – I just LOVED my outbound so much!

Anyways, this last week, I actually got to meet A, the one who was baptized at the beginning of the month! He is only 17 years old and he came with the family that helped to fellowship him in his ward. This family had a family reunion here so they brought A along. We got to take him on a tour and finally meet him! It was so cool. He is only the second person I’ve taught at Temple Square who I actually have met, so this was a huge blessing for me.

Our mission president also introduced a new language study program for the international sisters to learn English better. From Monday to Friday, we have people here teaching the international sisters English for about 2 hours. What a huge blessing for them! That means that while the international sisters are learning English, the rest of us go on exchanges. Sister May’s companion is from France so that means…..we go on exchanges every day now!! We have so much fun together and it’s like reliving our third transfer all over again. Except without our Supply Coordinator duties ;>

This past week, Sister Hadzik and I also finished up our “Explore Day.” We visited the Church History Museum and the Deseret Bookstore. It was a good day to finish up our Explore Day because it was pouring rain and very cold (about 45 degrees!) that day so the Square was pretty empty. On Monday, we will have Transfer Conference, so I’m not sure when my next PDay will be. Most likely, Sister Hadzik and I will still be companions so that I can finish training her. Although we were busy this last week and saw miracles, it was also kind of hard for us. Often times, we meet people here who do not really agree with our beliefs and it can be pretty disheartening. One particular day, we went home pretty discouraged and were fed up with it all. As we were getting ready for bed, I suddenly remembered a book of quotes that Jeremy’s mom had sent me. I took it out and read that book out loud for me and my companion. We felt SO much better afterwards! It was exactly what we needed at that time and it motivated us to work even harder the next day. I know that this work is hard and we will have some cloudy days, but we have the gospel and our Savior to help us. And this doesn’t only apply to missionaries – it applies to all of us in our daily lives! Keep on pressing forward, my friends. I love and miss you all!

Sister Olivia Ying

P.S. This past week, I ran into Sister Parker, a sister I served with outbound, on the Square. We were never companions (I was in the student branch and she was in the family ward in State College) but she was an AMAZING missionary! She was also my Sister Training Leader for my first 2 transfers outbound. She was supposed to go home the same time as me in December, but she had to come back early for some health issues. I hope you guys will keep her in your prayers! Thanks!

Our recent convert! And with the family that fellowshipped him

Our recent convert! And with the family that fellowshipped him

2014年 6月 20日,星期五



我的傳道部會長上個星期也把一個新的語言研讀項目給我們這些姐妹介紹。這個項目是針對于那些外國的姐妹們,這樣子她們就可以更有效地學習英文。禮拜一到禮拜五我們會有些人來到這邊用兩小時來教外國的姐妹英文。這也是一個很大的祝福!所以呢,當那些外國的姐妹在上英文課時,我和其它的姊妹就會交換同伴。因為梅姐妹的同伴是從法國來的,所以我們兩個每天都有機會在一起!我們倆在一起的時候會很快樂,而且就好像我們的第三個搬家期一樣!但我們現在沒有那個供應協調的責任 ;>





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