Chapter LVIII – New Responsibilities and Assignments // 第五十八篇 – 新的責任和任務

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Whew, I’m exhausted. This week has just flown by so quickly. I have a feeling this whole transfer will go by quickly. Every night when I crawl into my bed (I’m on the bottom bunk and I feel like I’m crawling into a little cave each time), I’m dead asleep within 5 minutes. With my new responsibility as being a district leader, serving in the Beehive House and taking Spanish and Mandarin tours daily, here a few things I have recently learned…

  • There is never enough time in the day, but how we use our time depends on us. If we use it wisely, we can find more prepared souls. When we stick to our schedule and are obedient, Heavenly Father blesses us and places specific people in our paths.
  • You can get along with anyone. It just depends on your commitment to try and work things out.
  • I am a missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ, but my only sole responsibility right now is to bring souls unto Him. Sometimes we might get too caught up worrying about things but for right now, the only thing I need to worry about is my purpose as a missionary.

I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with 3 different sisters this last week. All 3 are very different but are powerful missionaries. I think this is the best part of being a district leader – I get the opportunity to be with so many different sisters and learn from them, no matter what transfer they are in. This last week, we had a companionship struggling with one another. As I sat there listening to their “case,” it made me realize how blessed we are to serve as missionaries. This is the Lord’s work and we are lucky enough to have been called by a prophet to serve Him. When we turned in those mission papers, we basically told Heavenly Father “yes” to everything. We said yes to difficult companions, difficult investigators and difficult times. I am so grateful to serve and to continue learning more about Heavenly Father’s plan for me.

Anyways, I am running out of time so I must go. To destress today, I plan on deep cleaning my apartment for the rest of the night. Sounds quite lovely, doesn’t it? I love you all and miss you!

Sister Olivia Ying

Me and my companion

Me and my companion

2014年 8月 19日,星期二


  • 在一天之內的時間不夠,但我們都能控制自己的時間。如果我們有效地用我們的時間,我們可以找到更多的已經準備好聽福音的靈魂。只要我們按照我們所做的計劃去做,還有只要我們服從,天父會祝福我們。祂也會把特定的人放在我們的道路上。
  • 你可以跟任何人相處。我們都需要下定決心處理任何的問題。
  • 我是一個傳教士,耶穌基督的代表。我唯一的目的是幫助其它的靈魂去認識祂。我們有時會對現實的事情擔心太多,但我現在只需要擔心的事情就是我傳教士的目的。





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