Chapter LX – Happy Labor Day! // 第六十篇 – 勞工節快樂!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I hope you all had a great long weekend! And for those of you who are starting school again, good luck! I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous that school is starting again. I miss school. I ran into a couple families from Irvine who were dropping their kids off at BYU this last week so that was fun.

Well, this has been a pretty busy week. First off, we had a baptism this last week! He speaks Spanish and my companion had been teaching him for the last few months. On Friday, we were able to Skype his baptism so that was a great experience. He is such a sweet and humble man! It was the first time that Sister Lopez got to see what he looked like so that was really special for her. I’ve been learning some random Spanish sentences so I’ve been able to use it here and there. For example, “No hablo Español pero puedo entender si ustedes hablan muy despacio. Bueno, a veces!” It means, “I don’t speak Spanish but I can understand if you speak slowly. Well, sometimes!” But sometimes, people really do think I speak Spanish and then they start speaking a ton super fast. That’s always fun.

As you guys know, my assignment this transfer is to serve in the Beehive House. Most of the time, we only have members who come through and it’s hard to find new potential investigators from there. Those who are not members usually only want to know about the history and the house. Well this past week, my companion and I successfully passed out 2 copies of the Book of Mormon after a Beehive House tour! That was pretty exciting. The Beehive House can be difficult for finding new investigators but it’s not impossible. My companion and I have been studying a lot about the history and trying to see how we can bridge the gospel to the history. Our efforts are paying off though! We are finding prepared souls and I really love serving in the Beehive House. A lot of important church decisions were made here and it’s an honor to be able to serve in a prophet’s home.’

Yesterday we had a pretty intense Chinese tour. Well it wasn’t even a tour. We started at the Temple Model and ended at the Temple Model. Yup, we didn’t move at all. But the Chinese man had so many questions about our church that we didn’t even have to go anywhere. In less than 40 minutes, I basically taught him the whole restoration of the gospel as well as the plan of salvation. Intense does not even begin to describe it. I won’t lie, my brain was drained after all that Chinese. We rarely have time to take Chinese tours now since we’re always in the Beehive House so I don’t have as many opportunities to speak Chinese like I did before. But after our conversation, he referred himself, took some Chinese pamphlets as well as a Chinese Book of Mormon. He wants to keep in touch so badly but unfortunately, he lives in mainland China and we will not be able to remain in contact with him when he goes home. It’s hard sometimes, seeing those super prepared people and not really being able to keep in touch with them or follow up to see how they are doing. But I know that the Lord will take care of His children and those who are truly prepared will eventually find their way home. Besides, China will open one day! That I’m sure of.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! This is the beginning of week 5 which means this transfer is almost over! I’ll be home so soon. This is crazy!

Sister Olivia Ying

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that we Skyped all the youth in Taiwan for their youth conference a couple weeks ago! Here are some pictures from that day. We were up by 5 in the morning because we had to Skype them at 6 am. Our mission president served in Taiwan when he was younger so he’s got his Taiwan flag on too 🙂

Skyping Taiwan

Skyping Taiwan

Skyping Francisco's baptism!

Skyping Francisco’s baptism!

Skyping the youth in Taiwan

Skyping the youth in Taiwan

2014年 9月 2日,星期二


我這個星期比較忙一點。首先,我們這週有一個慕道友的洗禮會!他是說西班牙文的,所以我的同伴這幾個月教導他了。我們在星期五有機會用視訊的方式來看他的洗禮會!他的確是一個很謙虛的男士。 那天也是羅姊妹第一次見到他,所以這個經驗真的很特別。我最近在學幾句西班牙文的句子。比如說,“No hablo Español pero puedo entender si ustedes hablan muy despacio. Bueno, a veces!”這個句子的意思就是,“我不會說西班牙文,但如果你說慢一點,我會聽得懂一些!”有些人偶爾會覺得我真的會說西班牙文,所以他們就會說得非常快。很好玩!





對了,我忘記告訴你們,我們幾個禮拜前有機會用視訊來參加台灣的男女青年的大會!為了跟他們聯絡,我們在那天早上五點就起來了。我們的傳道部會長年輕的時候在台灣傳過教,所以他也帶了台灣的國旗 🙂


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