Chapter LXII – End of My 10th Transfer // 第六十二篇 – 第十個搬家期的結尾

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Okay, where do I even begin?! I have SO MUCH to tell you guys! I don’t even know where to start. I am so excited!

First things first. Sister Kuo is going to the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh mission!!!! She is from Taiwan and she is literally one of my very best friends in this mission. She is leaving tomorrow morning and I’m taking her to the airport at 4 in the morning. Rough, huh? But of course I am so willing to do that for her! Ever since I got back from PA, I kept telling her that she would be the one to take my place in State College. She refused to believe that because she really wanted to go to New York or California. But I know she is absolutely perfect for that area and she will love it. For the last 4 months, I have been praying that Sister Kuo would go there for her outbound. However, Sister Kuo started training a new sister in June and my hopes were dashed ’cause I thought someone would go out there in August and she wouldn’t be done training her companion until September (aka now). I was disappointed, but I thought, “Oh well. At least a Chinese sister will be there.” Well, nope! No one went out there in August because my mission president here forgot about putting in a recommendation for a Chinese speaker to be in Pittsburgh. When he told me no Chinese sister was going to PA in August, my world like ended!! Okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic but I was SO UPSET. We were trying to decide whether or not we should send a Chinese sister out there last second, but in the end, President Poulsen decided that he would send someone out next transfer. As this transfer was coming to an end, I emailed him and reminded him again to send a Chinese sister to PA. Long story short, Sister Kuo will be going to my area! I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am. I love the people in State College so much and I obviously want someone I know and am close with to go to that same area to teach those people. I talked to President Poulsen and asked if Sister Kuo was going to PA because I had asked him to send her there. He said he never once mentioned Sister Kuo’s name when he put in the recommendation to the Brethren. He had talked to the missionary department and the missionary department called the mission president out in PA to see if he would like a Temple Square Chinese sister. The mission president there said yes and President Poulsen submitted 5 Chinese sisters’ applications to the Brethren and out of those 5 sisters, they decided that Sister Kuo would go out there. On Thursday, they announced who was going where for outbound and I was practically in tears because I was so happy. I just feel so at peace knowing that Sister Kuo will be serving there. She is one of the most hardworking sisters I have met on my mission and she is just so good. Of course, after I found out that she was going there, I prayed so much to thank Heavenly Father for everything. I just feel so blessed to have been able to serve in that area and to meet all the amazing people and families there. I remember when I first found out I was going to the Pittsburgh mission, I was so confused. Then, Sister Price (her dad is the stake president of my area there and she serves here at Temple Square) looked at my itinerary and told me that I was going to be in State College. I had no idea what that meant and she told me that I was going to teach the Chinese students there. When she told me that, I was so scared! I was not planning on packing any Chinese study materials for outbound and I was in denial when she told me that I would teach Chinese people. I felt completely unqualified ’cause my Chinese is not perfect. I kept thinking to myself, “Why can’t they send a native Chinese speaker there?! Why me?” I had my heart set on going to Washington DC or New York. But of course, Heavenly Father knew why. He knew I needed to meet certain people out there because I learned so much from them. My experiences out there really shaped me into the person I am today. So many sisters told me that I became really different when I came back from outbound. I’m not really sure what those changes are but I remember one of the APs (assistants to the president) told me that I came back glowing with a much stronger light in me. Okay, I’m going to stop talking about PA now because you are all probably sick of hearing about it. But really, this whole experience has confirmed to me once again that Heavenly Father truly does have a plan. I wanted a Chinese sister to go there in August but that didn’t happen. I was crushed at that time but Heavenly Father had something so much better in store. My best friend gets to serve in my area! What more can I ask for? Heavenly Father doesn’t answer our prayers in the way we want sometimes but that is because He knows best and He wants us to be happy, happier than we can even imagine. I just love how much I’m learning on my mission and I love serving Him!! I love the Lord. The only bittersweet thing about Sister Kuo leaving for PA is that she will be returning from outbound on the day I go home from my mission. We don’t know when we will ever see each other again ’cause she’s in Taiwan (or Hawaii for school) and I’m always in California but I know that one day, we will see each other again!

Alright, now that that’s out of the way….tomorrow is transfer day! I’m starting my 11th transfer tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast the time flies. So here’s what’s happening to me…

  1. My new companion is Sister Humble! She is also from California, but from the northern part. She is half Chinese (her mom is from Hong Kong) but doesn’t really speak or understand Chinese. I’m excited to get to know her more. She told me that she had prayed for her new companion to be obedient and hardworking. Apparently, some sisters knew that about her and quite a few people guessed that we would be companions. I really didn’t see it coming though. Anyways, I will miss teaching Spanish people! 😦
  2. My new Pday is on Monday now!
  3. I am out of the Beehive House and back on the Square again. I will miss the Beehive House and I’m kind of scared of large Chinese groups again. I haven’t taken like any large Chinese groups in the last 6 weeks ’cause I’ve been in the Beehive House but I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things. I do have a new assignment this transfer though…Sister Humble and I are zone leaders together. She was a zone leader this last transfer already and I am one of 4 new zone leaders. I’m slightly intimidated. Slightly might be an understatement. I’ve only been a district leader for one transfer and I was expecting that I would be a district leader again next transfer. The rest of the zone leaders (besides the 3 other new ones) have already served as a zone leader for 1 or 2 transfers. I have looked up to many of these sisters my whole mission and they have been such huge role models for me. I feel like I have so much to learn!

Okay I need to get going because I need to get home and pack everything up. And hopefully sleep early since I need to drive to the airport. I hope you guys are doing well. I love you!!

Sister Olivia Ying

P.S. I saw the BEST THING EVER on the Square the other day. There was a CAT on a LEASH walking around the Square!!! But wait, IT GETS BETTER. The owner had a PET STROLLER. She put her cat back into the stroller and walked around, pushing the stroller. The cat was SO HAPPY. It just sat there and meowed cheerfully. Parentals, I want a pet stroller for SquirrelCat. I expect this as a Christmas present when I get home! Then SquirrelCat and I can go on a walk every day. Okay bye.

P.P.S. I am NOT a crazy cat lady.



Today is Mexico's Independence Day!! Yay!!!!

Today is Mexico’s Independence Day!! Yay!!!!



Being birds

Being birds

Sister Merrill (Idaho), me, Sister Davis (St. George, UT), Sister Sherratt (Diamond Bar, CA), Sister Klein (Brazil), & Sister Lopez (Mexico)

Sister Merrill (Idaho), me, Sister Davis (St. George, UT), Sister Sherratt (Diamond Bar, CA), Sister Klein (Brazil), & Sister Lopez (Mexico)

2014年 9月 16日,星期二




  1. 我新的同伴是胡姐妹。她來自加州,但她是從北加州來的。她是二分之一的中國人(她的媽媽是從香港來的)。不過她不會說中文。我很期待更認識她。她跟我說過,她最近做了祈禱來求神讓她有一個很有一個很勤奮的同伴。有些姐妹知道這點,而她們猜想我們會在一起。但我沒想到她會變成我新的同伴。我會想念教導說西班牙文的人。
  2. 我新的準備日是星期一!
  3. 我不會再蜂巢屋那邊服務。我每天都會在廣場上服務。想到那些很大的中文團使我有點緊張。因為我在這六個禮拜中大部分的時間都在蜂巢屋,所以我都沒有帶這樣的中文團。我希望我會很快地再習慣帶他們。我有一個新的責任。胡姐妹和我是地帶領袖。她上個搬家期做過了地帶領袖,但我是我們傳道部其中的一個新的地帶領袖(一共有四個新的)。我有點緊張。其實,不是有點,我已經感到了很多的壓力。我只是當過地區領袖一個搬家期而已。我本來預期了我在下個搬家期會再做地區領袖。其它的地帶領袖(除了那些三個新的以外)已經做過地帶領袖一或兩個搬家期。在我整個傳教的時間一直佩服她們。她們真的給我立下非常好的榜樣。我感覺到好像我有很多需要學習的事情!






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