Chapter LXIV – General Conference is Coming!!! // 第六十四篇 – 總會大會快到了!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe I’m halfway through this transfer already and that General Conference is this weekend! I love General Conference and I’m so excited to have one last conference before I go home from my mission. The last time I was here during conference weekend was last October and I still had President Gillette as my mission president. I heard that President Poulsen does General Conference differently so I’m excited to see what’s in store! This weekend is going to be crazy but I am so ready for it! I’m excited to be able to talk with so many different members. It’ll be like outbound again!

Well this week was filled with a lot of meetings and councils. I think I mentioned this already, but being a zone leader has taken up a lot of our time. I’m assigned to be on the Square again but sometimes, we really have no time to even take tours. We are constantly working on things for the zone or meeting with our district leaders and being in meetings with the other leaders in the mission. But now that we’re in the middle of the transfer now, I feel like things have settled down and we will have much more proselyting time. We have been trying to figure out how to use our time wisely so that we can balance our zone leader responsibilities while still being a full-time missionary. There are still a lot of Mandarin tours coming through so we are still really busy. Sometimes I feel bad for my companion ’cause she doesn’t speak Chinese or any other languages, and we still take quite a few Mandarin tours around. Most of the time, we need to cut our dinnertime short so we can take tours. Like last night, we were 10 minutes into dinner when we had a group of 46 show up so we didn’t get to really eat dinner until we came home at like 9 at night haha. Oh well, our time on the mission is short. Lately, we have spent a lot of time prepping the sisters in our zone for General Conference weekend. We have 4 sisters who are being trained in our zone and 1 sister was so shocked when she found we are actually talking to people during General Conference! Haha this weekend is by far the busiest time at Temple Square.

Anyways, I don’t have much time to write but on Saturday, I was able to attend the General Women’s Meeting and it was so good! All the talks were amazing and I received so much revelation for myself. I want to challenge you guys with something. Take a question (or however many you want) to General Conference. For example, how can I develop a stronger testimony? Does God really love me? And I promise you that you will receive an answer! After all, that’s how I got my answer to come on a mission 🙂 I got my answer in the Tabernacle during the April 2013 General Conference and came here 3 months later to serve as a full-time missionary! I know that as you prepare yourself, Heavenly Father will answer your questions and concerns through His chosen servants. Let me know how it goes! I’m excited to hear your stories. I already made a list of questions and have gotten so much inspiration just from the General Women’s Meeting!

Well, I gotta go now! I love and miss you all!

Sister Olivia Ying

Sister Hadzik, me, and Sister Yang

Sister Hadzik, me, and Sister Yang

2014年 9月 29日,星期一







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