Chapter LXV – General Conference and David Archuleta // 第六十五篇 – 總會大會和大衛阿初拉它

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t write last week. My parents were actually in town so I had permission to take them around Temple Square for a tour so I didn’t have any email time last PDay. So much has happened these last couple weeks but I don’t have much time so I will keep it short.

First, General Conference weekend. I loved it so much! It was sad because it was my last Conference as a missionary. I will miss serving at Temple Square so much, especially during General Conference weekend. We were on the Square from 7:30 in the morning until 9:45 at night for both days. My body was aching and I felt like the walking dead but I loved it. We were only able to attend the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference so I’m still playing catch up with all the talks. But honestly, I would rather be on the Square all weekend long and talking to people instead of watching it. I got to experience one Conference when I was outbound and it was spiritually uplifting, but I loved talking to so many faithful members and meeting those that Heavenly Father had prepared for us this past Conference. We actually met a lot of people who were not members of the Church and it was so amazing to be able to tell them that that the living prophet was just right across the street from them! The Spirit was so much stronger here in those 2 days and I know that everyone was able to feel it, including those who were not members. During that weekend, we also met two young girls (on separate occasions) who both agreed to be baptized. They had already been meeting with local missionaries and were thinking about baptism but were not quite yet committed. We got their numbers so we plan on calling and teaching them to help them progress towards baptism.

That weekend, we got to see so many little miracles. Quick story. When we were assigned to a desk, we met a really cool guy who was very interested in learning more about the gospel. We wanted to show him around but unfortunately, we couldn’t leave the desk. He gave us his number to keep in contact with him and left. Sister Humble and I decided that after our desk assignment, we would try to find him. Well, Conference weekend at Temple Square is packed with people and just pure chaos. We thought it might be hard to find him again but we decided that if Heavenly Father wanted us to meet him again, it would happen. Well, we finished our desk assignment and went to look for him. After looking around for a few minutes, we decided to head back for our lunch time because we couldn’t find him anymore. We turned around and saw him walking right towards us! We got so excited and we took him down to Scriptures & Revelations where we got to show him a clip of the last General Conference. He really enjoyed it and said that he would watch this Conference!

Anyways, I could go on and on about all the different things I experienced during General Conference but I just don’t have enough time. But I wanted to share something super quick. Last night, we had a special mission fireside and David Archuleta came to speak to us and sing a couple songs for us. It was so cool! Before my mission, I would listen to his music but I really admired him because of his example. He shared his mission experiences with us and his testimony and everything was so inspiring. The Spirit was so strong, especially when he sang a couple hymns for us. He is just such a great example of faith and we could tell that he really loves the Lord.

Okay I really need to go now but I love and miss you all! See you soon! Less than 2 months now. Crazy, huh?

Sister Olivia Ying

Taking the parents on a tour around Temple Square!

Taking the parents on a tour around Temple Square!

David Archuleta!!!

David Archuleta!!!

2014年 10月 13日,星期一








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