Chapter LXVI – Be a Good Influence! // 第六十六篇 – 做好榜樣!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s Week 6 of my 11th transfer…my mission is quickly coming to an end! Next Monday at 7 in the morning, we will have our Transfer Conference. That’s when they announce our new companions, assignments, PDays, etc. I will still have PDay next Monday so when I email next week, I can tell you all the details of my last transfer!

Well this week has just flown by. As zone leaders, we have the opportunity to “pass off” the new sisters in our zone. That means, my companion and I pretend to be someone else (not a missionary basically) and we have the new sister and her trainer contact us and take us on a tour around Temple Square. I guess you could say it’s like a test. We only have 2 new sisters in our zone, but it was fun to see what it’s like from a visitor’s perspective instead of being the missionary taking others around. It also helped me realize how important it is that we as missionaries follow the promptings of the Spirit. When we take people on a tour at Temple Square, we don’t know them at all! We usually have a diverse group of people with very different needs. Well, Heavenly Father knows His children best and He knows exactly what they need. As a missionary, we really need to learn to recognize how Heavenly Father communicates with us. Learning to recognize the Spirit is like learning a new language – it’s not easy and it requires a lot of work. I think on my mission, it’s easier to listen to the Spirit because there are less distractions. But I know that if we have been baptized and confirmed as a member of Christ’s true church, we are promised to always have His Spirit with us! It doesn’t matter if we are set apart as missionaries. We as members of the Church must do all we can to strive to live worthy to have the Spirit with us because that is one of the biggest blessings our Heavenly Father has given us.

I have a quick story that I want to share with you all that hopefully will help you recognize your importance as a member of the Church. I met a girl on chat at the very beginning of my mission with Sister Cheng and this young woman was planning to be baptized last October. Well long story short, we lost contact with her over the months and we never really knew what happened to her. We were home for dinner and it was 7:30 pm by the time we were done eating. It was so tempting to just stay home for the rest of the night because the Square was pretty quiet and I had actually been up the entire night before (that’s the next story I want to share) so the assistants had told me that if I wanted to go home and rest, I could. I sat there pondering for a minute, wondering if I should stay home for the rest of the night or go back out. I could tell my companion wanted to call it a night too, so it was even harder to decide to leave the apartment. At the end, I knew that as tired as I was, I needed to go back out, so we did. Well, that night, I was able to get a hold of this investigator of mine from a year ago. Turns out she never ended up getting baptized because of certain things going on in her life. But she told me the biggest reason why she didn’t get baptized was because a family really hurt and offended her. Now, I know that none of us are perfect and we will all make mistakes. But we as members have such a huge influence on those around us. We are their examples and we can either be a good example or a bad example to them. In this girl’s case, she was so hurt by the family that she stopped investigating the Church. Ugh, I miss being able to see my investigators face to face (like outbound) ’cause I just wanted to give her a huge hug but couldn’t. I asked her if she still believed if this church was true and she said that her faith was really shaken and she didn’t know. But then she said, “But I have thought about it every single day since I stopped meeting with missionaries.” That really made me so sad because I know that she would have accepted this gospel but at the same time, it gives me hope. She has had a hard trial but I trust that Heavenly Father has a plan for every one of us. But I just wanted to share this story because I want to remind you guys how much of an influence you have!

The last story I want to share…well, the mission got flu shots this last week. Of course I almost had a heart attack getting the shot but I’m still alive. But unfortunately, one of my roommates had a severe reaction to it. On Friday night, her companion woke us up at around 11:30 pm. Sister Lytle was shaking so badly in her bed that at first we thought she was having a seizure. No one else drives so I quickly got dressed, just in case we had to drive to the hospital. She started having a really high fever and long story short, she got a really bad case of the flu. I spent the rest of the night and half of the next morning trying to get her fever down and taking care of her. When she was doing better, it was already Saturday afternoon, so I left and went to the Square. I was exhausted and that’s why I felt so tempted to stay home for the rest of the night on Saturday but hey, sacrifice brings blessings. Also, I swear, this mission is seriously preparing me for motherhood. Scary thought.

Alright, my time is up. Next week will be my last transfer of my whole mission! YIKES.

Sister Olivia Ying

Teaching investigators

Teaching investigators

2014年 10月 20日,星期一


這個禮拜過得非常快!因為我現在是一個地帶領袖,所以我有時會有機會 “通過” 在我們地帶裡面新來的姊妹。我的意思就是,我和我的同伴假裝我們不是傳教士,然後那些新來的姊妹和她們的訓練者會連絡我們而帶我們去參觀聖殿廣場。其實,這就是好像一個考試一樣。在我們地帶裡面,我們只有兩個新來的姊妹,但我還是很高興能夠假裝我是一個遊客。在這樣的情況下,我才能瞭解那些來到這邊的遊客和他們的想法。我也更加地發現到,我們這些傳教士真的需要聽從我們所得到的靈感。當我們帶遊客參觀聖殿廣場時,我們並不認識他們!我們所帶的團體平常都會包括很多不一樣的人,而且他們都會有不同的需求。天父確實認識祂的每個孩子,所以祂完全知道他們所需要的事情。我們這些傳教士真的需要更加地學習如何跟天父溝通。學習如何聆聽聖靈真的是好像學習新的語言一般。聆聽聖靈的提示並不是很簡單。但我覺得在傳教時,能夠聽到聖靈的提示比較容易,特別是因為我們這些的傳教士沒有很多讓我們分心的事情。不過,我真的知道只要我們接受洗禮而加入耶穌基督真實的教會,神已經答應我們這點,也就是我們都能夠一直有祂的靈與我們存在!不管我們是不是全時間的傳教士,這個應許是我們天父給我們每個人的。每個成員都需要努力的過一個配稱的生活,這樣子我們才能有聖靈和我們同在。這個真的是神所給我們的一個非常大的祝福。

我有一個小故事要跟你們分享一下。我希望這個故事會你們更瞭解教會成員的責任和影響。我和成姊妹在我剛開始傳教時,在網上認識了一個女生。這個女生原來打算在十月份接受洗禮。長話短說,我們後來和她失去聯絡。所以呢,我並不知道她有沒有加入教會。我和我的同伴有一天在我們吃晚飯之後,看到時間只是晚上七點半。我們有點想要留在家裡,特別是因為那天的晚上所來到的遊客很少,而且我在前一天的晚上都沒有睡覺(我等一下會告訴你們那個故事),所以我們傳道部的助理們告訴我,如果我要早點回家休息,我就可以了。所以呢,我在家裡想一想我應不應該回去聖殿廣場或留在家裡。我那時可以看得出來我的同伴要留下來,所以決定再回去工作比較難一點。但我後來發覺到,雖然我很累,但是我還需要回去聖殿廣場。我那天晚上有機會跟我去年所認識的那位女生聯絡。她和我說過,她都沒有接受洗禮。她也告訴我,她不要受洗的最大的原因就是因為一個成員的家庭得罪了她。我知道我們每個人都會犯錯,我們都不是完美的。但我們這些成員都會有很大的影響。我們都是慕道友的榜樣。所以呢,我們可以做好的榜樣,也可以做不好的榜樣。在這個女生的情況下,她決定不要接受洗禮,因為那個成員的家庭冒犯了她。我真的很想念和慕道友面對面談話(像我在賓州的經驗)。我那時聽到這點就非常像抱這個女孩,但沒有辦法。我問她,相不相信這個教會是真實的。然後,她跟我說過,那個家庭使她感到很沮喪,所以她不知道。但她也說過了,”自從我決定再也不要跟傳教士見面,我每天都想到了這個問題。” 聽到這點使我很難過,因為我知道如果那個家庭沒有得罪她的話,她就會加入教會。我還有希望!她所面臨的考驗很困難,但是我知道天父已經為我們每個人預備了一個計劃。我要跟你們分享這個小故事的原因就是因為要提醒你們都有很大的影響!





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