LXVIII – So Many Miracles! // 第六十八篇 – 許多的奇蹟!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hi everyone!

So I survived the first week of the transfer, the craziest and busiest time of the transfer. Although we had to attend a few meetings and plan for our zone training meeting, we were still able to find and teach a lot of people and see many miracles!

So first of all, my new companion is Sister Reed and she is from Murrieta. She is awesome!! She just got back from her outbound and she actually served in the Salt Lake City East Mission. She is super hardworking and very humble and we have a lot in common. Although we look nothing alike, we both have the same drive and goals. We want to work hard to find those prepared souls, especially since it’s my last transfer! We have seen so many miracles together already and the work is going really well.

This past Fast Sunday, we actually fasted together as a companionship to find the elect. In other words, those who are prepared to receive the gospel NOW. As soon as we started our fast, we went to our desk assignment and saw a young man walk in. I stopped him to try and talk to him but I could tell he wasn’t very interested in talking to me. He kept trying to walk away and I was starting to feel a little awkward chasing him down. As he was trying to turn around to leave, Sister Reed finished her conversation with another guest and stood in his way. We may or may not have kind of trapped this guy…hahaha. But we ended up having a great conversation about the Book of Mormon and he accepted a copy of it! He really started to open up to us and told us how he’s trying to turn his life around. He then told us he felt like he was supposed to meet us that day and learn about the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was strong and we could tell that he felt it, too. We then committed him to baptism right there at the desk! That hasn’t happened many times on my mission but I know it’s possible. And it doesn’t need to be in a super significant building or place like the Christus or Tabernacle. No matter where you are, the Spirit can be felt anywhere, even if it is just at the desk. I’m just so excited to start finish my mission with Sister Reed! We work well together and we are going to see so many more miracles this transfer!

Lastly, for Halloween, we did something pretty different and special. The Square closed at 5 and we had dinner as a mission together. After dinner, the whole mission went to the temple. How special is that?! We have never done this and it’s very rare where we can get the whole mission together since the Square is always open. But I loved going to the temple with all the sisters. It was amazing to see sisters from different countries (South Africa, Ukraine, China, Madagascar, Germany, Vietnam, Russia, Pakistan, Tahiti, the list goes on and on….) all together in the celestial room. I got to experience literally what heaven will be like. The Plan of Salvation became so real to me as I sat there watching so many familiar faces walk into the celestial room. It made me so much more aware of my purpose as a missionary and how I need to give it my all this last transfer to find those prepared people so that they have a chance to return back to our Heavenly Father. Transfers are always exciting and fun but they’re also the saddest thing. My class is now the oldest class in the mission so I said goodbyes to some of my closest friends in the mission. I really don’t know when we will see each other again because we’re all from so many different places but I know that one day, we will all be reunited, whether it be in this life or the next.

My time is up but I hope that you are all doing well! I love you and miss you but I will see you guys soon!

Sister Olivia Ying

The assistants are from Fiji and Hong Kong. We look like them! Haha we are twins. This was from Halloween and we dressed up like Disney princesses. I'm Mulan and she's Tiana from Princess and the Frog. And those are the sisters in our zone!

The assistants are from Fiji and Hong Kong. We look like them! Haha we are twins. This was from Halloween and we dressed up like Disney princesses. I’m Mulan and she’s Tiana from Princess and the Frog. And those are the sisters in our zone!

Sister Reed and I!

Sister Reed and I!

2014年 11月 3日,星期一



我們上個禮拜天,在禁食日時,一起為這個目標,也就是找到那些準備好聽福音的人,做禁食。我們一開始禁食時,我們就去做我們櫃檯的責任。當時我們見到了一位年輕的男士走進來。我和他打個招呼,但我那時能發覺到他不想跟我聊天。他當時就好像要跑走。我也感覺到有點尷尬,因為我那時在努力地和他分享福音。他在離開時,任姊妹就和另外一個遊客聊完天,然後就擋住了他的道路。我們好像為了讓他停下來,而設陷他了,哈哈!我們後來和他討論了摩爾門經的真實性,然後我們就送他一本!他突然跟我們講,他最近想要轉變他的生活。並且,他也說過,他覺得他那天應該認識我們,而學習到有關於摩爾門經的事。我們那時所感覺到的聖靈非常強!我們後來在當場邀請他接受洗禮!雖然我在傳教時,這樣的經驗發生了不多,但我知道不管我在哪裡,這樣的機會都能發生。我不只是需要在一個很特別的地方,比如在禮堂裡面或在廣場上的基督雕像的旁邊。 無論何處,我們都能夠感覺到聖靈,甚至就是在櫃檯這裡。能夠和任姊妹在我结束傳教前一起工作,我真的是很開心!我們很會團結地工作。我知道我們會看到更多的奇蹟!






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