Chapter LXX – Winter is Here! // 第七十篇 – 冬天到了!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey everyone!

Lots of amazing things happened this past week. There’s just so much to tell and not enough time to share all the experiences with you!

First of all, it got really cold here this past week. We even got a little bit of snow for a couple nights! I don’t know why I’m freezing here…I just keep wondering how I ever survived the winter in Pennsylvania. I have no idea but I guess Heavenly Father must have helped me out 🙂

Anyways, this week, we had Christmas training. I can’t believe that the holidays are almost here and that the Christmas lights will be on this Friday! Once the lights are on, it gets so busy here at Temple Square and we are on the Square for an extra hour because Temple Square doesn’t close until 10 pm. I’m so excited for the Christmas season though! I can’t wait!

This last week, Sister Reed and I have been praying hard to know how we can find more prepared souls to teach. We decided to have a fast and we saw the results! I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of fasting because I love food and sometimes I feel like I’m gonna pass out after a few hours, but Sister Reed is so great and has so much faith. She was the one who suggested that we fast and pray together and I’m so grateful to gain a testimony of fasting from her. Many of our investigators attended church for the first time and loved it! We are currently teaching a Chinese family who lives near Arcadia and they really enjoyed the Chinese branch in Alhambra when they went. Arcadia isn’t too far away and they come down to Anaheim every weekend, so I’m excited to see them after my mission. We met them during General Conference and they are originally from Taiwan. Sister Reed and I are also teaching a woman who lives in Santa Ana! So close to home! She is a very sweet older lady and we have no idea what she looks like, but a member family referred her when we contacted the family here at Temple Square. The lady, M, is planning on coming to Utah for Thanksgiving, so we hope to meet her for the first time next week! If not, I plan on visiting her when I go home.

We also started teaching a young woman from Taiwan who currently lives in Taipei. We met her online and she is awesome! She has been learning from missionaries for the last couple months but is hesitant to join the Church because her parents aren’t very supportive. But we committed her to be baptized on December 6 and she is excited about that day. We are so excited for her! This will be my very first Chinese baptism from Temple Square actually.

The last story I want to share is about M. I met her and her husband at the Beehive House during the summer and I remember giving her a copy of the Book of Mormon. For some reason, I never felt like calling her after meeting her in the Beehive House, which is unlike me since I usually call everyone within a week or two at most after meeting them. Well, last week, I saw her name and felt a strong prompting to call her. I did and it was the perfect timing. Her husband had been diagnosed with cancer and the last few months have been really hard and busy for them, as you can imagine. But now she has more time to really learn about the gospel. This woman has so much faith and such a strong spirit. This last week, she told us how she lost a daughter 6 years ago. We testified of eternal families, invited her to be baptized, and she accepted. We tried to put her on date for December 6, but she was apprehensive about it. We invited her to church and she went for the first time yesterday. She loved it and when we talked to her yesterday, she was so eager to meet with the local missionaries and to tell them that she wants to be baptized on December 6.

I know this is Heavenly Father’s work and His hand is in everything we do. He trusts us with His children as long as we show Him that we really do have that true desire to help His children come back to Him.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather back home…I will see you soon though! I will miss being a missionary but I definitely will not miss this weather. I love you and miss you all!

Sister Olivia Ying

We had to pretend to be some guests during Christmas training. I'm not sure who I'm supposed to be but hey, any chance I get to be in comfy clothes, I'll take it.

We had to pretend to be some guests during Christmas training. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be but hey, any chance I get to be in comfy clothes, I’ll take it.

2014年 11月 17日,星期一



首先,這邊的天氣上個星期突然變得非常冷!甚至有兩天下雪了!我不知我在這裡怎麼會感到那麼冷…我最近在想我在賓州如何過那邊的冬天。我覺得就是天父給我協助吧 🙂


我和任姊妹上個星期做了很多的祈禱,因為我們想知道如何找到更多的已經準備好的靈魂。我們決定為這點做禁食,而我們真的看到成果!不瞞你說,我不是非常喜歡禁食,因為我特別好吃。並且我在禁食時,在過兩小時後,偶爾會感到好像快要昏倒。但任姊妹很棒,而她很有信心,所以我們後來就做了禁食。這個禁食的決定就是她所提議的,所以我很感激能夠得到一個更強的禁食的見證。上週日是我們的一些慕道友第一次去參加教會聚會,而他們都非常喜歡那天的經驗! 我們目前在教導一個來自台灣的家庭。他們住的地方離阿凱廸亞很近,所以他們在上個星期日就去參加阿罕布拉的中文分會。阿凱廸亞離爾灣不太遠,而他們經常去安那罕,所以我很期待在我返鄉之後去拜訪他們!我們在總會大會時,認識這個家庭。他們原來是從台灣來的。任姊妹和我最近也在教導一個住在聖塔安那的女士!她離我家非常近!她是一個非常友善的老太太,而因為我們從來沒看過她,所以我們不知道她外表的樣子。不過,她是一個成員的家庭所給我們的回條。我們在聖殿廣場認識他們,然後他們就推薦我們教導他們的朋友。她的名字叫瑪麗安。她打算在感恩節時,來猶他州,所以我們希望在下週可以認識她!不然的話,我打算在我返鄉之後去拜訪她!







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