Chapter LXXI – The Perks of Being a Temple Square Missionary // 第七十一篇 – 當聖殿廣場的姊妹傳教士的一些祝福

Monday, November 24, 2014

Here’s my past week summed up in a few points…I am grateful to be a missionary at Temple Square and here’s a few reasons why.

The Senior Couples: Last Monday, we had our zone activity at the Moore’s place. They are a fairly new senior couple that work in the mission office. They are wonderful! And they happen to be in our zone, so they invited all of the sisters to have our zone activity in their home. Serving at Temple Square means you rarely have an opportunity to walk into a home since we are always serving on the grounds of the temple and we do not have ward members to work with. Like I mentioned before, our ward consists of the 200 (approximately) sisters that serve here. I realized that on my entire mission, I have only had sacrament meeting in an actual church building 3 times. Crazy, huh?! Even when I was outbound in PA, there was no church building that the branch gathered in. But they actually completed a church building right after I came back to Temple Square! Anyways, we had a fun and relaxing night at the Moore’s. We had some good food and made turkey hats that we donated to a children’s hospital, and decorated some sugar cookies. It was nice to see everyone relaxed and happy since the sisters in our zone have been working really hard.

Savior of the World: I’m not sure if you guys have heard of this, but this is a play that the Church puts on every year and it takes place in the Conference Center Theater. This play focuses on the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity to watch the dress rehearsal of this and it was wonderful! I felt the Spirit so strongly throughout the play. I watched this play last year and it was interesting to see how my testimony of the Savior has grown this past year. I know He died for all of us and I know that He lives.

Clayton Christensen: Have you heard of him? He wrote “The Power of Everyday Missionaries, How Will You Measure Your Life?” A lot of missionaries outbound talked about him and the books that he wrote. He is also a professor at the Harvard Business School and served as a mission president’s counselor in the past. He came to speak to us for Relief Society and shared some personal experiences and he talked about missionary work. He was very inspiring and he helped me understand how I can have a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon. He also shared his member missionary experiences and I received a lot of insight on how I can do missionary work after I go home from the mission.

Skyping Baptisms: Remember R? She is the one that I met during General Conference last month. She was baptized yesterday and we had permission to Skype in to watch her baptismal service! It was so sweet and we could feel the Spirit so strongly, even though we were in a different state and it was on a computer screen. She looked so happy though, and Sister Reed and I are just so excited and happy for her!

There are so many more reasons that I could list but I would be here all day. I am so grateful to serve as a representative of Jesus Christ. As the holiday season has been coming up, I have found myself reflecting more and more on the Savior and gratitude, which is definitely something I need to think more often about. But I am grateful to be serving at Temple Square and for the many miracles Sister Reed and I have been able to witness together this past transfer. When we became companions, we really didn’t have many people we were teaching. We set our baptismal goal for just 1. To some, it might seem low, but we wanted to set an achievable and realistic goal. With our lack of teaching pool at the beginning of the transfer, we knew we would have to work like crazy in order to find the one who was prepared. We definitely had some discouraging days but we didn’t let that get to us. We threw a pity party for ourselves for maybe 5 minutes at most and then snapped out of it. The adversary was working against us many times and we knew that. But instead of letting that discourage us, we just felt even more motivated and worked even harder. And we found the one! But not only that, we also found 2 more of God’s elect who will be getting baptized in the next few upcoming months. I am just so grateful to be a part of Heavenly Father’s amazing work.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy it with those you love. Don’t forget to count your blessings. See you all very soon 🙂

Sister Olivia Ying

Zone activity at the Moore's! We have sisters from Germany, Arizona, Texas, California, American Samoa, Washington DC, South Korea, Tahiti, Vanuatu, the Philippines, Oklahoma, Sweden, Canada, Taiwan, Fiji, Hong Kong, Brazil and Japan!

Zone activity at the Moore’s! We have sisters from Germany, Arizona, Texas, California, American Samoa, Washington DC, South Korea, Tahiti, Vanuatu, the Philippines, Oklahoma, Sweden, Canada, Taiwan, Fiji, Hong Kong, Brazil and Japan!

Temple Square

Temple Square

Time for the departing class to take pictures!

Time for the departing class to take pictures!

2014年 11月 24日,星期一




克萊頓 克里斯琴森:你們有沒有聽過他?他寫過這本書,“傳教士的力量,你如何會衡量自己的生活?”我在賓州時,經常聽到他的名字,還有他所寫的書籍。他是哈佛大學的商學院的一個教授。而且,他以前也當過一個傳道部會長的諮理。他上個禮拜在我們的慈助會時,向我們這些姊妹做個了演講。他和我們講過的信息是有關於傳教的工作。他所說過的話幫助我更了解如何培養一個對摩爾門經更強的見證。他也和我們分享了自己的成員傳教的一些經驗。聽到這些都讓我知道在我返鄉之後,如何繼續做傳教的工作。






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